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Thanks to a tipline submission: Neighbors beware – an individual going by ‘Michael Puckett’ (real name Timothy Michael Puckett) is advertising on several East Nashville Facebook groups for ‘Handyman’ work and cleaning gutters – such as the advertisement below. He also has his own facebook group for his customers. Before you call him to come to your house, you should be aware of his past felony conviction of Especially Aggravated Robbery (he robbed and shot a homeowner here in Nashville), for which he spent time in the TN state prison, and is now free. While everyone deserves a second chance.. I’m not sure I would invite someone to my home that was convicted of a robbery and shooting a homeowner, but you can judge for yourself.

Note that he’s purposely tried to alter his name by changing the spelling of Michael to ‘Micheal’ and using Michael as his first name instead of ‘Timothy’ – however he couldn’t change his birth date or his Inmate ID # which he posted on his facebook when asking for money. Verified on his Facebook page, and on the department of corrections record as a match, as well as posts on his timeline from when he was in jail of his family asking people to put money on his books for him. Neighbors beware!

Here’s the post and flyer he’s using all around East Nashville (also his facebook page link):



Here are his charges:

puck history

Here are the details of the felony offense:

Download (PDF, 115KB)

Text version:

On 06-15-06, around 1645 hrs, Timothy Perkins had just finished cutting grass across from 932 Spain Ave. He was loading up his truck when he was approached by a white/male suspect that pointed a silver revolver in his face and stated, “Gimme your money!” Mr. Perkins told the suspect that his money was in the truck and the suspect told him to get it. Mr. Perkins retreived a pistol from his truck, pointed it at the suspect and told him to, “Get out of here!” The suspect then fired two rounds at Mr. Perkins stricking him in the right ankle and also striking the truck. The suspect then fled on foot. He was described as a white/male, 5’8”, 160 lbs, short blond hair and wearing a white t-shirt. Mr. Perkins said that he had seen the suspect in the yard of 932 Spain Ave. talking to a white/male and a white/female. I spoke with Dustin Bowman at that address and he said that his friend, Timothy Puckett, had been there earlier and was talking about robbing someone. Mr. Perkins was transported to Skyline ER by ambulance for a gunshot wound to his right ankle.

Around 1920 hrs Mr. Perkins identified Timothy Puckett from a photo line-up as being the suspect that attempted to rob him and shot him.


puck 100000

Here is his birthday, verified on his facebook page:

puck bday

And here’s him actually in a jail – notice the door.. as well as the posts asking for money while in jail, etc.. you get the idea:

puck money 3

puck money 2

puck money 1

puck jail addy

puck jail door

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