Tartufo Chef (& Former Stripper) Brittany Dugger: Recipe for Disaster – Assaults homeless man!

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*UPDATE from our tips@ hotline:

Our very own local superhero chef who likes to assault homeless citizens, was once homeless herself – A tipster turned us on to the Chef’s former life as a homeless single mom who turned to stripping in Nashville to pay the bills, and used a gofundme page to get out of the streets, off the pole, and into the kitchen..We commend her on a great story, but fail to see how she could be so insensitive and aggressive towards homeless individuals when she’s been there before? See our full update for more:

brit strip

Original Post:

There’s something to be said about an ex-military person who goes on in their young life to build upon their dreams and even go to culinary school and open their own restaurant (at least in the works)… but there’s something else entirely to be said when that person has uncontrollable rage and routinely takes it out on the public in mad fits and spasms. Can you imagine sending a dish back to her kitchen? After you read this, you may think twice about even making a reservation, just to avoid the repeated heated conflicts, the most recent of which happened on Wednesday night in WEST Nashville.

Brittany Dugger is opening a new restaurant (with a soft open of Jan 1 as of now) in West Nashville – and while there tonight she decided to take the law into her own hands and assault someone she felt was beneath her. We’re guessing she won’t be donating and extra food to the various homeless shelters or programs around town with this attitude. And besides, how did she KNOW the purse wasn’t his.. is she so sexist that men can’t carry a purse? Either way this was CLEARLY assault on another human being, criminal or not. She may have killed the man, as she stated he was ‘bleeding BADLY’ – we don’t even know if he survived the attack at this point.

dugger thug post

So she went to brag about this post and was banned in the local East Nashville (Official) group of 20K neighbors and friends. Frankly, this happened in WEST NASHVILLE so that should have been kind of obvious – but the admins even said that she wasn’t banned for that reason, but because she was so anger filled and calling the other group members pussies and attacking them online. Seriously, quit while you’re ahead, no?

Here’s the admin’s justification of why she was REALLY banned, which Dugger quickly deleted from the post so she could tell her own version of the narrative:

dugger ban reason

She didn’t stop there:

dugger en pussies

Perhaps her rage is fueled by lack of (or taking extra) adderall?

dugger adderall

In case you’re wondering where this new restaurant is, and why they consider themselves “Ladies and Gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” here’s what she posted online:

dugger chef ad

Chef Dugger, we believe you have a recipe for disaster… and that Tartufo will be nothing more than a blip on a ‘save this restaurant’ reality show in the very near future. Ladies and Gentlemen, my ass!

UPDATE: 11/13/15: Brittany called and pitched her story to WSMV who picked up on it, and tells a very inflated side of the story, that doesn’t match her own account screenshotted above – which we should note has mysteriously been removed since the WSMV story aired…

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7 Thoughts to “Tartufo Chef (& Former Stripper) Brittany Dugger: Recipe for Disaster – Assaults homeless man!”

  1. Brittany dugger

    AAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA wow! Just wow! This is halarious.

  2. […] have learned that Chef Brittany Dugger (from upcoming Italian fine-dining restaurant Tartufo) that assaulted a homeless man earlier in the week, was once homeless herself! It appears that Dugger spent some time as a homeless single mom on the […]

  3. John

    This “east Nashville news” is truly pathetic: a bored facebook stalker, prying and posting his warped view of others business online, in the writing style of an illiterate 2nd grader. I am ashamed of myself for reading any of this knowing that I will not get that part of my life back.

    1. chef

      well said sir!

  4. BrittanyIsAWhore

    Not only was your girlfriend soliciting boyfriends in facebook group posts, but she also had a very active Tinder dating profile while you were deployed.

  5. BrittanyIsAWhore

    She has tarnished one name after another. Brittany Whadam, Brittany Dugger and has since changed it to Brittany Bontempo to finally start tarnishing her military boyfriend’s name after 6+ years of living off him and cheating on him.

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