Bad Nashville Lyft Driver Abandons Passengers because no one bought him Five Points Pizza!

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[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”I’m just going to cancel this ride and you guys can get another Lyft. You guys didn’t even offer to buy me pizza and I think that is just so rude. So you can get out now.”[/pullquote]
When it rains, it pours! And apparently when we get one ride-share tip, we get several. In fact, in the past 6 hours we’ve received over 15 submissions of ride-share maddness gone wrong. We have documented reports of everything from rude drivers, naked passengers, drivers who deliver more weed than pax’s (rideshare lingo for passenger) – and even some crazy reports of escorts using Uber in Nashville – at least according to their self-proclaimed internet pimp. While we don’t believe *all* these stories have some merit – there is one thing we know.. you rideshare folks like to dish the dirt. Y’all are some dirty birdies. Let’s start with the most East-Nashville one of all: The Lyft driver who refused a ride – make that two – because the passengers didn’t buy him pizza!

This happened in East Nashville on Monday night:

“Sooo… My friend and I got picked up by a Lyft from the East Room and we decided to stop by Five Points and get some pizza. So the Lyft driver pulls up and we get out, order our slices and we asked if we could eat them in the car. He said no at first and then told us we could just get in. So we hopped in and he pulls up two inches and said “You know what, I’m just going to cancel this ride and you guys can get another Lyft. You guys didn’t even offer to buy me pizza and I think that is just so rude. So you can get out now.” At first I was taken back and I thought he was joking but he wasn’t so we got out and he drove away. Then, as if it didn’t get any better… The other people standing outside of Five Points had requested a Lyft and that same guy drove back around and pulled up to them. As he realized they all had pizzas in their hands he lied and said “I’m going to get gas” and drove away hastily, swerving out of their way and didn’t even pull into the gas station…. Well…. At least we got a free ride. We’re currently sitting at 3 Crow using the wifi and waiting for another Lyft. What a night.”

From the facebook post submitted:


Have you been denied a Lyft or Uber because you refused to buy your driver food? Tell us! If you’re the driver, we’d love to hear from you, too!

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15 Thoughts to “Bad Nashville Lyft Driver Abandons Passengers because no one bought him Five Points Pizza!”

  1. Rick

    You want to eat pizza in his car and you are surprised he got mad? Do you idiots even realize how arrogant and entitled this post is?

  2. This is all so stupid!! Most of us have been driving for awhile and never witness, or know anything of this type of stuff. We already are paid shitty, have to clean up vomit-piss-fart smells- food crumbs- spilled drinks- and do it all while keeping a smile on our faces. For the most part that is easy because we are decent people. How dare you post this crap and label it as representing most Nashville drivers!! If you want all foreign, non English speaking, cab driver type of ass holes (except they are in an Uber car) -then you will get it real soon posting this non sense. Then you’ll have way more to blog about!

  3. Listen all you entitled assholes need to start treating your drivers better because it’s becoming a joke for many of us. Uber and Lyft are burning through drivers because people are fed up and the rates have been cut. You pricks tip your bartender and server, the person getting you home safely? Nah, screw that.

  4. Arthur S

    why are y’all so butt hurt in this comment section? Bartenders and Servers don’t make a wage- hence the expected tip. Also, there are surcharges that can be applied if you have to clean up after a passenger. Find a new job if it’s so inconvenient for you.

    This driver sounds like a jerk and hopefully was able to find a job more satisfying to him.

    1. Rick

      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and never actual drove for uber or lyft. There are no guaranteed surcharges

  5. That was rude.. Can I eat pizza in your car and not offer him any? Pleeese? Take a Hike! Literally!! LOL

  6. Here let just offer you my seats as napkins too… :::Wipe:::: LOL

  7. Tiffany michell

    Im a driver and I actually accept food from my passengers just to not be rude . When I decline they usually insist and I dont wanna get a bad rating for not accepting it . I usually graceously accept and take the food home to ny children . They love fast food . Lol .

  8. Hugh

    1) The situation was handled poorly by the driver and they have probably already been reported to Lyft by the community – a group of dedicated drivers who not only do it for a living, they do it because they are service orientated and enjoy helping people. 2) Anyone who has ever dropped a pizza, or any other messy food, on a car seat is aware of just how difficult and costly it is to clean the upholstery. Except under extreme circumstances, when the passenger can be billed by Uber or Lyft for the clean-up, the driver is responsible for the detailing. This can cost $30. Why would a driver risk a $30 cleaning bill for a $5 fare? For that reason, virtually all rideshare drivers resist the idea of passengers eating in their cars. These are all privately owned vehicles and most Lyft drivers take tremendous pride in keeping their cars spotlessly clean. Just as you would not eat in a friend’s car if they asked you not to, it is appropriate for a driver to ask, politely, that a passenger not eat in the car. 3) Listing only the bad occurrences with rideshare drivers is negative profiling and searching out the bad, rather than looking for the positive. I would challenge you, as a journalist, to also look for the many, many, many occasions when drivers have gone out of their way to help someone in need, with a cheerful and positive attitude. Lyft drivers are largely a great group of people, fun to work with, and a great asset to a growing city that lacks mass transit.

    1. Deeda Rushing

      Very well-spoken, Hugh.

  9. Shit, at least they asked if they could eat in the car. Usually they just chow down without a word while I’m trying to navigate, then I find their crumbs and smeared greasy bullshit later on.

  10. I don’t think this actually happened, and if it did, on behalf of all local Lyft drivers, we are sorry that this guy mis-represented who we are. As most of you know, 90% of your Lyft drivers provide professional service, and wouldn’t dream of doing this.

    I can tell you for sure, that if this really happened, and any of us found out who the driver was, they wouldn’t be a driver anymore….


    1. Rick

      Oh hi doormat.

  11. As a driver, I am constantly amazed at the people who ask you to go thru a drivethru for them, which costs ME money cause the rate for sitting is no where near the rate for driving, then eat in my car without asking, and then don’t even tip! IMO, stopping and waiting for you to get food is above and beyond the call of duty, and deserves a nice tip.

  12. Dual Driver

    As a Lyft driver since it has been in Nashville, I can tell you I don’t allow food or drink in my car. As Hugh alluded to, some things are just not worth it. A $5 ride is fine, but add food crumbs or spilled drink and it just doesn’t make sense. Oh, and I never take riders through a drive-thru after they have been drinking all night. It is called “ride share”, not “your mom’s car”. I simply can’t afford to sit in a drive-thru for 25 minutes at 2am and get paid 15% of what I would make if we were actually rolling down the road. Sorry.

    Remember, most of us try to be exceedingly friendly and professional but when you ask us to do so at a very high cost to us, we have to draw the line. Oh, and remember. If you want something extra, you could try paying for it. I have found a small financial gesture goes a long way toward getting a driver to go the extra mile. (Pun intended) BTW, I have a 4.98 rating, so I guess “my rules” are working okay.

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