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Once again, our wonderful neighborhood watch in East Nashville amazes us with their skill-sets! Did you know we had a couple of mind-readers in the neighborhood? These wanna-be watch captains (Cindy & Melissa Cross) saw two guys, probably out of school on break, who were going door to door trying to rake leaves – and assumed that they were up to no good. Did they see them steal anything? nope – not a thing. Yet the title of this email blast they just sent out was ‘Stealing from mail boxes’! – They would rather make assumptions. These are our wonderful, non-judgmental neighbors, folks.. We just have to ask – do they live in an Aerial Development Home?


“Cindy saw some young men yesterday who were going onto people porches on 9th and appeared to look for mail in people’s boxes. She followed them and made sure they knew she was watching and eventually asked one if she could help them. They said they were looking to rake people’s yards. We’re sure they were looking for mail, gifts, checks, etc. Since I’m expecting some Amazon packages, we’re taking precautions. Be on the lookout! – Melissa, 9th & Fatherland”

Welcome to East Nashville, where we only pretend that we’re friendly and open-minded – and only if you’re exactly like us, or like we want you to be. Get real, ladies. You are the reason East Nashville has a bad name, not these neighborhood kids trying to rake leaves. Get over yourself, go take an Aerial home tour.

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