Postmates: How to Get Free Parking (Illegal/Unethical Version)

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While we’re still working on the upcoming “Postmates Behind The Scenes Vol II: Remote Order/Call Support Uncensored 2nd Edition” article that will be published later this evening, we noticed a new tip in our inbox, and we thought we’d share the humor while we took a sandwich break. Sadly, this really happened.

If you’re a Postmates delivery driver – one of the worst parts of working downtown in any city is parking. Generally, you have to pay to park, or risk getting a ticket, even though you may only be parked for 5-10 minutes depending on your destination. Of course, if you’re a Postmate that is unethical, doesn’t mind breaking the law, and showing the world just how shady you can be – there is always a solution. Because that’s who we all want to trust with delivering the food and other things that we’re about to eat, right? Or to know that they just delivered a new laptop or ipad to our houses – these are people we need to trust, right? Well, not all Postmates are created equally – and this is one of the most unethical we’ve seen:

Meet Shadrack Cargill – who has already been suspended from the Postmates platform TWICE for low customer ratings – but he has yet again been reinstated.. and he’s discovered how to park for free:


We’ve never seen a more fake sign – our 3rd grader could have created a better fake parking pass of some sort. But you get what you deserve, Postmates. By his own admission you’ve deactivated and reactivated him twice in the past two months – so we have to ask, what did you really expect?

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