2016: East Nashville Tip-line Bling!

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Thanks to one of our favorite tipsters, Ray Turner, for reminding us to make our phone tip-line more prominent in 2016. That, and we’re tired of only hearing Ray’s voice, we need something new to break the monotony – so go ahead leave your news tips or gossip via phone! 615-669-TIP5 (615-669-8475)


[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Got A Tip?” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” mode=”css”]Got A Tip? Submit it online or email tips@eastnashville.news![/stextbox]

Call / Text Kurt NOW! 615-479-0550

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3 Thoughts to “2016: East Nashville Tip-line Bling!”

  1. ray

    Just thought I would say I sure would like to see the phone records posted and the voice that you are saying is me giving you all the tips. I think it is funny you claim it’s me. Let’s see if you have the balls to post MY voice since you don’t have that or my phone records. Let’s see if you will show your proof to the statements you keep making.

    1. Gabby Rivers

      Like most other females, I have no balls. –Shelby.
      Also, I can’t help it if someone calls or emails and says they are Ray. Maybe you’re not the only Ray in Nashville – imagine that!

  2. ray

    If there are emails coming from me you might want to check your sources. Since until now and you calling me out I have never even posted anything till you said it was me giving you info. Don’t be posting my name and saying it is me calling or emailing. I have no problem with you posting things about uber or lyft that is your right. Just don’t call me out saying I am the one giving the tips. I could care less what other drivers do or what the fares are for them. I am a independent contractor and It not your business or anyone else how much I make or what my fares are at the end of the trip. I find it funny you started to follow me on twitter trying to bash me after one of the little tipsters called me out for telling a driver to worry about things in Nashville and not worry about things in other cities

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