Beware of Brony: Xander Binkley [UPDATED]

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Update #2: We learned earlier this evening that Xander has checked himself into a psychiatric / mental health facility to seek assistance for depression among other things.

A friend of many here in East Nashville, is a lady named Lauren. Lauren went to visit a friend over the weekend, and got much more than she bargained for. According to Lauren, she was sexually assaulted by a guy, who doesn’t identify as male, but does identify as a ‘Brony’. (Don’t worry – we had to look it up, too. Here, here, & here.)


The person that Lauren went to go meet and that reportedly sexually assaulted her, is Xander J. Binkles, according to his facebook. It does appear his actual last name is Binkley according to online records we were able to obtain, and he identifies as ‘Lexi’ on his google profile.  Xander is a member of a ‘band’ that has absolutely zero facebook followers (called ‘The Smoking Monkeys‘), and also works at Dunkin’ Donuts, according to his online profile. In addition to all of this, he is also a Bronie – a true fan of My Little Pony. Did we mention that Xander lives at home with his parents? He does. So far, he’s quite the catch – right, ladies?


So what exactly happened to Lauren? She explains that “this weekend I got stuck in a brony’s driveway due to the snow and they groped me repeatedly while I waited for their dad to get my car unstuck…

xander1She further explains I went to hang out with someone I knew from Facebook and go get some food, they were super super weird and way too intense and kept telling me about how our future relationship was gonna go, then we got back and I tried to leave and my car was stuck in the snow so I came inside to warm up on the couch and they started touching my boobs and stuff and at first I went with it because I was terrified but then I said I wasn’t comfortable with it but I still got my nipples touched, and they apologized for having a boner and then rubbed it all over me…

We’re pretty sure that’s called sexual assault. While Lauren doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, her sisters here at ENN think her story should be told, so we’re putting Xander on notice that his actions were very much inappropriate.xander3

In Lauren’s words “I told them to stop and they said they said they liked that I was being “dom” wtf, I was like, I’m not doing a bdsm power-play thing I just don’t want you to touch my boobs.” and she continued “I guess but the problem is I did eventually voice my own boundaries and it still didn’t stop… I woulda made a scene but i was fucking stuck there, there was nowhere to go… it’s like, you imagine you’d know what to do in that situation until it’s really happening to you, and then it’s somehow different…

Though sarcastic in nature, the comment below seems somewhat relevant, given the circumstances:

lexi taught not to rape

Whether he or she identifies as Lexi or Xander, according to Lauren: “They actually said they don’t identify as male which I feel kinda skeptical about but I’m not one to judge so idk but I did still get humped

We found a video of Xander from nearly 2 years ago that gives some insight into him. We wonder what happened between then and now that makes him think it’s ok to allegedly put his hands on a lady after she tells him ‘no’?

Shortly after publication, we received a message from someone who wanted to remain anonymous, but corroborate Xander’s behavior:

Hey there. I wanted to comment on the Xander Binkley article but wanted to remain anonymous. So I started working at Dunkin as an overnight baker at the beginning of December.

I was immediately warned that at some point I’d be trained by Xander. No one had a good thing to say about the guy. The words “creep” “junkie” “slacker” were all thrown around but I pride myself on my ability to get along with anyone so I figured I’d have an open mind. Big mistake.

He was immediately condescending and a know it all but whatever, I can deal with that. A female employee also trained with us that night and the two spent the ENTIRE shift talking about tinder hookups and about her open relationship and (very creepily) if she wanted to come back to his place to get smoked out. All signs pointed to creepy, predatory behavior. In between “performances” of his songs and poems during break he’d slam feminists and minorities in the same breath.

Every female employee that has worked with him has had a story about his forward advances and creepy/stalkery tendencies. He’s taken advantage of co-workers and is a deplorable employee. Yet nothing has been done about him because he and his stores manager are friends. I just wanted to pass along that there is a history of predatory behavior happening and it’s going to continue. He’s dangerous and unstable and who knows how many have stories like Lauren’s.

We also received this from our text tipline earlier this evening:

xander report 3

Unbelievably, a 4th person wanted to share their feelings without being named, we publish their chilling email below:

Hello, I just wanted to respond to this article and remain anonymous. I read what was written about Xander and immediately felt sick to my stomach. I shared the article, and below is what I wrote about my experience with him, in minor detail. I would like to direct my response to the people who are accusing him, and to the authorities because I deem it to be relatively important.

My response:

Okay, Tennessee, listen up because this is important.

I don’t know any of the other people who have claimed to be sexually assaulted by this guy. I have never met them and I never knew anything about them until I found out about this article less than an hour ago. I knew him personally, we met online and went out a couple of times but I made it clear that my intentions were strictly friendly. He never put his hands on me in a sexual way, there were a few times that he kept trying to put his arm around me or make excuses about kissing but I never let him kiss me and would stop him from continuing to show physical affection to me. It was never sexual, and he did stop after I kept moving and making it obvious that this was all awkward and I didn’t want it to be happening. The reason I felt uneasy about reading this article was because he did very recently make me incredibly uncomfortable and I stopped speaking to him. Every time that we spent time together I felt mildly uncomfortable because it seemed like he always wanted us to be alone or sort of “stuck” somewhere. I can tell you this person is very unstable and has moderately obsessive behavior. I had to tell him to stop talking or referring to me in romantic ways CONSTANTLY and we were only friends for a couple of weeks. Eventually he just began coming up with reasons to visit me that was socially acceptable, like the time that he demanded to come over and give me a present and money (even after I told him no and that he didn’t have to). And the last time I saw him, which was the time that I forced him to leave my house. He had asked me to hang out and I told him maybe the day before, and then very suddenly shows up at my house 5 minutes later (even though he lives 30ish minutes away) with groceries in his hand after I did not invite him over to my house. I was alone, which he had previously asked and messaged me about and I didnt respond, and walked into my house and started unloading groceries. When it was clear that I was uncomfortable and kept asking him why he was here, he kept trying to deflect the subject and try to offer me a cigarette or ask if he could invite his friend Alex over. I didn’t even tell him to come to my house! After I kept telling him no that I didnt want to hang out, he started to get angry and I told him to take the things he brought and get out of my house. He refused to take any of the groceries (which i did not ask for or want) that he brought to my house, and I shut the door in his face and locked it. He waited outside of my house for a brief period of time and finally left. I told him since that I dont want to speak to or hang out with him anymore, and he has left me alone (although this was only a few days ago).

I also want to say that even though I don’t know the people who are accusing him, I do know someone personally with evidence that I have seen and read and would be willing to show to authorities if they require a confession. Because I have one. I have an account that can be opened and read from my experiences of having to tell him constantly that I do not want his affection, and also a good friend of mine has a message sent from Xander himself that states a confession. I would be happy to prove this if required of me.

I was trying to befriend Xander because he wasn’t stupid, and he was genuinely interested in getting to know me. He felt sort of lost, and I felt kind of bad for him for being so lost in his identity, but he was nice to me a lot of times when he didn’t need to be. I’m not saying he’s some sort of maniac, but I am saying that he does have frightening behavior and that I do believe that he is unsafe. I can say that when he is sober, and not speeding or high on any sort of pill, that he is exponentially less safe to be around. On one of our outings he would yell things that were very uncomfortable or ask me about things that I felt uncomfortable talking about. He will try to justify the things that he does in able to appease your uneasy feeling about a situation. He will say things very suddenly that are uncomfortable and you’ll watch him wait for a reaction. He means well, in his own eyes, and tries to be as nice to you as possible thinking that some sort of magic flame will ignite and you’ll have drank from a love potion that means that the two of you can be together forever.

Just be careful.

Have YOU had any experiences with Xander? Comment below, or contact us on the tipline 615-669-8475!

We’d also love to hear from Xander – email us and we will post your side, too, and maybe get some resolution or explanation?

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8 Thoughts to “Beware of Brony: Xander Binkley [UPDATED]”

  1. annonomous

    I just wanted to say about xander I have worked with him many times at Dunkin Donuts as an overnight baker. There have been about 5 incidents with him. He pushed his self on me shoving his tongue down my throat. Also, pushing his hands down my pants and being very aggressive with me. his explanation was he gets worked up and cant control his urges. I hope something is done to him so no other girls have to go through this with him. Its a very uncomfortable feeling, almost hopeless feeling, haed to explain. Please someone do something with this guy , scared to think what he will do next.

    1. Gabby Rivers

      We learned that as of this evening, Xander has admitted himself to a psychiatric facility to seek help.

  2. anonymous

    I know Xander and want to clear up a few things that I have personal knowledge of.

    1. Lauren says “I woulda made a scene but i was fucking stuck there, there was nowhere to go”. When she says they sat on the couch to warm up, she fails to mention said couch was in Xander’s bedroom and that his mother and sister were right outside in the living room watching TV. I know Xander’s family pretty well and feel confident that his mom at least would have put herself between Lauren and Xander if she’d “made a scene” or would have been welcoming if she’d gotten away from Xander and come into the living room to hang out with them until her car was unstuck.

    2. “4th person” who says he hung around outside her house after bringing her groceries (which by the way was during the big snowfall and he was concerned about her having enough food. he also took some groceries to a male friend on the same trip). NO, he didn’t hang around outside like a creeper. He left as soon as the person who had given him a ride was sure he wouldn’t get stuck in the driveway.

    3.What he’s getting help for is a lot more complex than just “depression”.

  3. Anynomous

    I’m not quite sure where this is all coming from as I have known him for awhile and he has always been very nice and always there if I ever needed anything.

  4. anonymous

    Astrid (aka the 4th person) is a fucking liar and user. So is Jayson. Sure, the “punk” “starving artists” were more than happy to take Xander’s money and food (and clothes and videogames JAYSON) but the minute somebody prints some gossip (YOUR TERM) on the internet about something that MAY HAVE happened while he was in a very unstable and unhealthy place, she’s more than happy to jump on the bandwagon with bullshit. I don’t see Astrid or Jayson offering to pay back the money or give back the videogames,

    And I don’t see you gossipmongers addressing all the holes in Lauren’s story or replying to the comments you’ve gotten. Oh wait, you do reply if someone has something nasty to say. If it’s nice or contradicts the story you’ve already decided is “true” then you ignore it.

    You should take this down.

  5. anonymous

    Why are you trying to destroy my friends life? He’s not a bad person. He’s been getting help.This is not going to help his recovery.

  6. Anonymous

    This article is disgusting slander. It should be taken down. It drove xander to seek help. He got better. Last time I checked slander was illegal.

  7. Anon

    You should take this piece of malicious gossip down. Xander is not a bad person. He’s ill and is being treated, and your lies are not helping his recovery

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