Brittany Dugger: Once A Stripper, Always a Stripper? (w/Video!)

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Brittany Dugger, who we’ve covered in the past, was once a stripper, and she sought out the “Nashville Strip Church” to help her raise money so she could get out of stripping, and back into culinary school so she could go on to open or work at one restaurant that flopped, and now working on another – Tartufo, which is priced the same as the old strip club pricing. So she raised $1,025 via GoFundMe to help her stop stripping, and started going to school, and what is she doing now? Besides going back to school, and possibly opening a restaurant, she is also driving for Uber, and IS SHE ALSO BACK TO STRIPPING? It would appear so. What will she do with those donations if she’s back to stripping? Did she ever really stop, or was it all just a scam to get back on her feet?

still a striper

We were sent this post from a few weeks ago, showing Dugger asking what people would think if she went back to stripping, and if anyone would date someone who stripped:

dugger always a stripper

We were sent video of the drunk Brittany Dugger… very intoxicated at 6PM. She certainly started early.

brit strip

In addition to everything else, she’s also driving for Uber. All of this and supposedly opening nashville most expensive restaurant. Something just doesn’t add up, does it?

uber driver now too

So, Brittany – are you still stripping? And how is this new restaurant going – we’ve seen you intoxicated at 6PM in the video above, it wasn’t flattering. So, chick to chick, want to give us some answers?

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  1. BrittanyIsAWhore

    She has tarnished one name after another. Brittany Whadam, Brittany Dugger and has since changed it to Brittany Bontempo to finally start tarnishing her military boyfriend’s name after 6+ years of living off him and cheating on him.

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