Jason Dottley: Sexual Assault AND Heroin Use?

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cokewhiskAfter we published the story about Jason Dottley and the alleged assault on a performer at a gay bar, We received so many emails and texts,apparently we were ‘late to the show’. As far back as a couple of years, it has been reported by some of Jason Dotley’s closest friends that he was frequently doing heroin, to the point that it was becoming a problem.We were directed to a post by his close friend, Johnathan Myers, who was even in his first two music videos – in which Myers talks about not being the only one that had knowledge of Dottley’s rampant heroin use – he even reached out to Dottley’s ex-husband (Del Shores) to try to get Dottley some help.

myers 1

The Text reads:

If you caught that episode w/ Jason Dottley.. Apparently I’m not the only one that knows of his heroin use. Below is a message of support I received.
Last Oct at the Out Magazine Top 100 party Jason asked myself & then partner Joshua Miller.. to go in the bathroom and snort “China white”.. We were both shocked.. And politely refused..
Being the one closest to Jason & a friend of Del Shores.. I reached out to Del privately with a phone call the following day. I told no one else about this. I was hoping that Jason could get the help he needs to continue being the talented charismatic guy that we all know he can be.
Jason, 10 months later upon his projected return to LA.. Tried to turn this into a character assault. I’m unclear why. Buuuuut one who reads this paragraph might see a transparent reason here or there.
In closing lets all take a moment to lift Jason Dottley up. So that we can help him make the changes he needs to be a positive person. Big Love Jason. I hope you find the attention and love you are looking for ‪#‎TeamJohna‬

Another private message, between Myers and a friend, about his alleged heroin use, and ripping off someone for over $3,000 in a drug deal. Apparently his reputation in the music industry is not ideal, either.

myers 2

And we can’t forget Jason Dottley’s appearance on TMZ’s Top 10 ‘Drunk’ Stars:

Video Courtesy TMZ.

Did drugs or alcohol play a role in the alleged assault a few weeks ago? If you can get past all of his $5 self published press releases in his google search results, you can find some quite interesting things on his past and previous drug use, as told by others, especially at some prominent parties in his younger days that we’ve read about in the news, though he likes to downplay his involvement, and says he ‘left’ before the fun began, like a good boy scout.

What we DO know is that Jason Dottley has some demons, and that we hope he gets the help he needs.

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