Rude Uber Nashville Driver Lisa Fields Stafford – Refuses to stop at Krystal’s for Rider!

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One of the great concepts of Uber is that if you are leaving the bar, and you are hungry, you can can request an Uber, and have them stop at a fast food or drive-thru on the way to your home! In fact, Uber even encourages this (and why wouldn’t they, since it charges the customer more, and makes them more money!) and drivers get paid for the wait time, too. However on NYE night, Uber driver Lisa Fields Stafford decided to make her own Uber rules when the customer asked to stop at Krystal’s on the way home, she had some not so pleasant words for him. Here’s her very own side of the story:

My last high surge ride was XL at 7.6 and he wanted to go to Krystal. I actually told him no. I told him I was taking him home and he should download Postmates and have his food delivered. I know I could have earned more on the ride, but I really didn’t want him in my car any longer than necessary. His total fare ended up being $166.90 I told him there were others out in the cold and I needed to go drive someone else.


Here’s the actual post by Lisa, in response to a conversation about who had the highest fares last night:


What would you do if you asked your Uber / Lyft driver to stop for food on your way home? She claims she was just being a humanitarian and trying to get as many people home as possible and had to get back to the ‘others waiting in the cold’ when in reality she just didn’t want to honor the uber code of stopping at a rider’s request, so she could make MORE MONEY DRIVING THAN WAITING – which is what it boiled down to. There was a 7.6x surge going on downtown, and she wanted the bigger money instead of the waiting money.. which at a 7.6 surge she would still be making more than $2.50 PER MINUTE WAITING in the line at the drive-thru.. actually nearly $160/hour is the ‘waiting’ rate at a 7.6 surge on XL. So why would she not keep the guaranteed 7.6 surge she had instead of going to get another ‘person waiting in the cold’ – well, that’s likely because it was surging more than 8X just a few minutes later, and she wanted even more of that money.

Uber – why are you letting your drivers tell customers no? He clearly accepted the 7.6 Surge pricing, he had to press the acknowledgement in the app, and was perfectly OK with it. She could have even dropped him off, suggested another fast food place, etc.. made her and the company more money – instead she referred them to Postmates and told him ‘no’ and that she was taking him home. We’re not sure when Uber became our parents, but we’re not happy about it!

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