Bad Neighbor: David Price AKA “Owner of Public Street Parking Spot”

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Ohhh, David Price, welcome to East Nashville. We understand that you’re from a the small town of Troy in Alabama, where all parking is done in driveways or the backyard, so it’s time you understand how some things work here in the ‘big city’ of East Nashville, that you now call ‘home’.

Let’s start with your most recent post in our beloved East Nashville Facebook Group. No matter how much you WANT it to be so, or WISH it to be so, or CLAIM IT IS SO in a Facebook group, the truth remains that YOU DO NOT OWN THE ‘PARKING SPOT’ on the public street in front of your house. Is it courteous to leave that spot open for the homeowner, sure. Is it commonly done? sometimes. Is it illegal to park there? absolutely not. Let’s review your post:


We want to take this time to remind you that you live in East Nashville – a part of town that has been inhabited by traveling musicians since, well, forever. The chances that the car belongs to someone possibly on the road for a tour (short or long) or something similar is extremely high. Perhaps he’s in the band and a nearby neighbor is the headliner, so you and your neighbors were not familiar with the car. It’s not like it’s a 1980’s Sentra with 1 hubcap stealing your wifi. It’s a damn Dodge Charger that was checked and isn’t reported stolen or anything remotely associated with anything illegal. Can we get this guy on the East Nashville Neighborhood Watch?

Your post SCREAMS elitist asshole.
You ‘had the cops ticket it’. Bitch, please – you didn’t ‘have’ the cops do anything. You whined and whined and whined and they wrote a ticket that likely won’t stand up in court so that you’d stop bothering them with petty bullshit while people are quite literally getting robbed at gunpoint and trying to keep burglars out of their cars and houses in East Nashville. front of my house (In MY parking Spot). Douche, you DO NOT have a parking Spot on the public street. Anyone can use it. In fact, as soon as i know your address I will arrange for several friends to park in front of your house at all hours of the day, in hopes that you have to walk a full block or two home, just out of spite.


So let’s review – you do not own the parking spot, or even have a legal claim to use it anymore than anyone else on the streets of Nashville. A car is considered ‘abandoned’ after a week (give or take) in Nashville – but it’s not clear that this is even the case here in a public parking spot in a residential area – it likely won’t stand up in court. And you want to talk the cops into TOWING this ‘abandoned’ car because it’s in front of your house?

Let’s be clear what will happen – your neighbor will come back from tour, and his drummer will be missing a car. It will be in metro inpound with a $900 tow and storage bill, and a ticket that he’ll have to get thrown out of court. After this your neighbors will all hate you, and you will have to live with what your nosy ass has done to yourself. No one will give you pity, no one will deliver to your address anymore (East Nashville Mafia is real), your neighbors will make it a point to park directly in front of your home. And all of this because you can’t be a good neighbor.

We anticipate a TON of codes violations and other things being reported about your property, starting REALLY soon.

Go back to Alabama, David Price. East Nashville isn’t for you.

The full post is here. We’re sure he’ll remove it, so we have some hilights:














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2 Thoughts to “Bad Neighbor: David Price AKA “Owner of Public Street Parking Spot””

  1. Sarah Butthurt

    Another great “news piece” by this award winning “news” organization. You guys need to fuck off!

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