Brady Morris (friend of Brett Withers, OutCentral Board Member) – from Drunk Driver to Animal Murderer?

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We got a tip last week about Brady Morris, who is a Nashville ‘Urban Farmer’ (and we use this term ever so loosely), Nashville OUT Central Board of Directors Member, and friend of Metro Councilman Brett Withers. It appeared to be some anger issues – essentially he got pissed and killed one of his Roosters and ate it out of spite – not because he was hungry or needed the food or any legitimate reason, but because he got mad at the Rooster and wanted to show it who was in charge.

small bradyOn the surface we passed on the tip, as the info provided wasn’t all that interesting – however on a second review this week, we dug a little deeper and found out that not only did he have what appears to be some anger management issues – but he also has a problem with Drinking and Driving – going back MANY years – in fact we can’t figure out how he’s avoided jail soo many times – but now we’re curious, and asking questions. It seems that consequences have been avoided many times when they should have been applied.


So, who choked his chicken? Brady Morris choked his chicken, or rooster, in this case as it may be. Then he began to post it’s internal organs and body parts on his personal Facebook page – most of which we have declined to show due to graphic nature:

brady kills wynona

Brady posts:

“For everyone following the hens, I’m sad to report that Wynonna’s life came to an abrupt end today. As I was collecting eggs just a few minutes ago, he snuck up behind me and flogged me a couple of times completely unprovoked. When he came at me for the 3rd time I caught him by his neck and that was the end of Wynonna. I will be getting another hen and will name her Wynonna in his honor though. Sad day.”

He was very unapologetic, noting that even the chickens didn’t care that he killed their rooster:

wyn gone

And not only did he kill his rooster, but he posted photos of it’s internal organs online, we have chosen a single image and blurred it, but you should get the idea:

balls blurred

Exactly what we’d look for in a Board Member for a gay rights organization, right? Someone who treats animals like this should absolutely be trusted to help promote the rights of other humans, too, right?

brady biz card

So in addition to the anger clearly displayed above, below is the basic overview of the charges filed against Brady over the past few years –  as you can see he was given chance after chance after chance – but where has that gotten him? Apparently DUI after DUI after DUI. Maybe if he had completed more DUI punishment/reform, his anger issues would have been resolved, and his Rooster would still be alive? His friend, Brett Withers, Metro Councilman, also has his own DUI troubles.

Here’s the details of those above charges, with dispositions, reduced charges, and more:

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Now, we get to the good details of some of the charges, starting with the earliest, 02/2009:

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Then we move on to 08/2013:

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So the above charge was on 8/29/13 – just ONE day before Brady was taking an ABC class about – you guessed it – properly serving alcohol and not serving to intoxicated guests, etc.. Obviously he didn’t pay attention to the consequences as less than 24 hours later he was once again arrested for DUI, seen above.

08.28.13 abc class

On the day after the arrest, Brady was admitted to a hospital for several days for a suicide attempt:

08.29.13 suicide attempt

There is one charge that doesn’t have the detail provided on the public record, so we jump to the most recent, almost exactly a year ago, 02/2015 :

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What was he doing just before the above incident? Here are the photos from just a couple of hours before, according to his facebook – yep, getting drunk at Play Dance Bar on Church St.

02.12.15 play dance bar drunk

And clearly still intoxicated just moments before his arrest:

02.12.15 love all

It should be noted that according to CJIS records, total costs of $3651.60 are still due – we did some math, and at $3.50/dozen, that’s only 1,044 cartons of eggs to be sold to cover court costs & fines due to Metro Nashville.


Of course, you may be wondering how Brady relates to our great little East Nashville, specifically? Well he threw himself into the mix when he started being a mouthpiece for Metro Councilman Brett Withers:

brady and withers post

Brady Morris writes:

I went back and forth about making this post public or not because after I wrote it, I thought it a little pretentious of me to think anyone would want to hear my opinion, however, I did publicly say I was disappointed and therefore I need to post that I have changed my mind.

So tonight I met with Councilman Brett Withers and we had a very open, candid discussion about the proposed ordinance for his district that would keep events at a “historic venue” contained in the walls of said historic venue and not out on the grounds within public sight or hearing. After a very long discussion, I’m happy to say I was very, very wrong about his proposal and feel the residents of East Nashville are lucky to have him representing them on the Metro Council. In our discussion, I realized that if I were to move into an area zoned as residential, I would buy that property with the expectation of being able to do what I want, when I want in my back yard. If I were to buy a property and one day wanted to go out into my backyard and have a BBQ, but then realized there was a wedding happening next door of 130+ people, I’m that respectful person that would not fire up my grill and add stress and discord with the wedding party next door, that’s just the right thing to do. However, if this were happening EVERY OTHER DAY of my summer and I’m not getting to enjoy my own property that I have purchased as a residential and not commercial property, I do believe I would begin to get more than frustrated. The ordinance Councilman Withers has proposed for East Nashville is not only wise for the residents, but it’s just plum fair in my humble opinion.

PS I’m a little disappointed in some of my friends for making fun of this guy on my last post. I know you all well and know you all didn’t mean it personally, but we must each remember that these people are PEOPLE and deserve the same respect of us appreciating their individuality as we demand others do for our own. Love y’all!!!”

Which is odd, because just days earlier, he posted this about Withers 0nly after meeting him one night at what appeared to be a bar, did his mind change from this. We have to wonder what happened that night to change his mind to follow without question:


So, there you have it – newly elected OutCentral Board Member, Brady Morris – HIV Advocate, convicted drunk driver – several times over – friend of councilman Brett Withers, and now self-admitted killer of his own animal. Such an impressive resume for a Board Member of a gay rights organization, wouldn’t you agree? By the way – if you didn’t read the embedded PDFs with the charges and the sentences that were imposed, you missed half the story, go back and read them, and ask yourself, was he reformed by virtually no punishment?

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2 Thoughts to “Brady Morris (friend of Brett Withers, OutCentral Board Member) – from Drunk Driver to Animal Murderer?”

  1. I know both of these gentlemen. And yes we all have skeletons in our closets. However, such mudslinging does not solve anything.

  2. Brady Dale

    I sent the following message privately a few days ago, and since these journalists, and I use that term in the very loosest meaning of the word, never responded, I’ll share it here.

    Out of curiosity, do you know what the term flogged means? The rooster was not killed “for no good reason” or out of anger issues, but because it was ATTACKING me and I said as such in the post. You also managed to neglect the posts I had made in an attempt to find the rooster a nice country home because it is illegal to keep a rooster within city limits. I had still hoped to find him a home until he decided to attack me and was cutting up my hands and arms with his spurs. Also, my post of showing the testicles also says pretty straight forward that I was posting it for educational reasons because I was quite shocked myself at how large the testicles of a bird could be. Your characterization of me being an “animal killer” because of anger issues is a blatant lie and complete fabrication.

    I’m very open about my past drinking problems. After undergoing a Whipple procedure in which a portion of my stomach, my small intestine, and a third of my pancreas had to be removed which resulted in me having chronic pancreatitis causing me immense daily pain, I abused alcohol in my attempt to dull the pain. Thankfully I found a great pain doctor at Vanderbilt and while I still endure daily pain, she has helped it become a little more manageable. It’s unfortunate that with all the time spent trolling through my past you were unable to find the days I have had to spend in jail and the hours of community service served not to mention my ongoing probation. My actions, that I own completely, lead to very real consequences that I didn’t cry or bitch about because I deserved every bit of it for putting others in my community at risk. It is also because of my last that I am so motivated to give back so much to my community and willingly spend 50-70 hours a week volunteering my time on various councils and boards. I’m able to do this because of my health condition leaving me disabled leaving me with nothing but time.

    It’s also because of no longer being employable due to my chronic pancreatitis that I JOKINGLY took on “urban farming” as a pass time, but has been a great therapy for me in keeping me active and pushing through my daily pain.

    My true passion is HIV Advocacy due to being diagnosed in 2009 shortly after moving to Nashville. I spiraled into a deep depression and turned to drugs and alcohol and actually had several suicide attempts because I was so ashamed and felt so worthless. Thankfully my family and my friends helped pull me from that pit of darkness and I found that in using social media to be completely open and honest about my status gave my life new meaning and purpose. I do not want anyone to have to feel as alone and “dirty” as I felt when I was diagnosed and have made it my life mission to make sure no one has to feel that way. It’s also why I travel to DC every year for AIDSWatch to lobby our legislators as to the importance of the Ryan White Care Act and why it’s vital to keep it funded. I also work tirelessly in the community promoting HIV education and prevention. I could go on and on about the things I have done and what projects I have in the works concerning HIV, but I doubt you care.

    It’s also very ironic that you chose to mention my new appointment to the board of OutCentral because the very reason I decided to take on more responsibilities in my community was because I wanted to help bridge the gaps that exist in the LGBT community and want to help bring it closer together while those within the LGBT community, like yourself, want to further division. It’s obvious that you are an intelligent individual and it is such a shame that you choose to use your talents, abilities, and voice to these means but I guess hate, bullying, and cherry picking truths to create a false truth brings in more money for you than promoting acceptance and tolerance.

    As for the councilman and the ONLY two posts I made in reference to him, thus making me FAR from a mouthpiece for him, was meant to show that I felt bad about quickly judging him by the news reports I was seeing and reading which was wrong of me to do. I accidentally happened to run into him just a couple of days after my first post and when I sat with him and had a very good back and forth dialogue with him, I could see where he was coming from more clearly and could hear the passion he had in his voice (regardless if his stance was right or wrong) that he was trying to do what was best for his constituents. I was just trying to show that instead of judging quickly, take time to form an opinion based upon several resources. I had never met the councilman before that night so calling us friends is humorous.

    You are very correct in how you are protected from slander or libel due to using my own posts (although you did lie a time or two after my words were there in black and white), but have you read the definition of “false light?”

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