.40 Caliber Shell Forces Resident from East Nashville Home – Realtors Rejoice!

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As seen on today’s episode of the East Nashville FB Group Live!, a local resident Tasha Thompson screams (bloody murder!, perhaps?) about finding a spent .40 caliber Smith & Wesson shell at the end of her driveway. Plot Twist: it appears to be near-ancient and has likely been in her yard for over a year!

tasha thompson photoSo what’s all this fuss really about? It turns out that Tasha Thompson was at the end of her driveway in East Nashville yesterday when the found (read: likely dug up, judging by the dirt on her hand) a .40 caliber S&W shell. There are likely hundreds of these scattered in and around East Nashville neighborhoods, and could be the result of a celebratory firing many years ago, spent by the MNPD while protecting citizens, or even just some random bullet there for any of a thousand other reason. However, the discovery of this shell was enough for Tasha Thompson  to decided to move fer family, including 3 kids, elsewhere. Yep, you read that right – this lady has made up her mind based on finding an old bullet in her driveway to pack up and move away.

As someone pointed out yesterday – if THIS is all it takes to get people to move from their East Nashville homes – then every realtor in town just stocked up on used shells! Sales would skyrocket beyond belief. Can’t you just imagine realtors just driving around in the middle of the night and planting spent shells in people driveways or by their mailboxes so they’d easily be found? Here’s her original post, from yesterday:

tasha thompson post moving scared of shell

Just for reference we wanted to zoom in really close so you could see just how old and weathered this is. And the amount of dirt still on her hands from where she obviously dug it up out of the ground. This was likely never a threat to her or her children, and probably pre-dates her move into the location.


Of course, it would not be East Nashville, without some of the most amazing responses from neighbors – These are some more things that people claim they’ve found in their yards too – that would make them move.. but the best one was the last.. as SOON as this one was posted, Tasha decided to delete the post, due to the unexpected responses she received:


There was SO much disappointment in the fact that she deleted the thread, when so much fun was being had at her expense, that we had several requests to go back and pull it from our custom group archiver, so we did just that. Here’s the original thread, in it’s entirety, up until the moment she deleted it from the group. Enjoy:



























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    My name is John c Johnson. I am 1/4 owner in the property at 1710 fatherland st. I and another family member are in the process of court action to force the sale of the house. As I’m sure you know the house in question has been an cancer in the neighborhood for many years now. I’m looking for any information regarding the house and the ” activities” that have been going on there. Do you have any information about a petition that was going around a few years ago regarding the house at 1710 fatherland st. Help me ‘ Help you. Any information would be very helpful. My Email address is

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