East Nashville Facebook vs. Reality: Eustacia Carnley Edition

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Sometimes you read things on the East Nashville Facebook group, and you just have to shake your head and move on. And sometimes things just make you so curious you have to check things out for yourself. This was one of those posts. While we know that the job market in Nashville is very hot right now, and it helps to know someone; we happen to be one of the healthcare epicenters in the country. There are more open healthcare related jobs here than you can imagine. We have 2 healthcare recruiters in our circle of friends, and I asked them how hard it was to find a phlebotomist job here in Nashville – their response was that there have been more jobs than people to fill them for well over a year here in Nashville. That made me even more curious about this post, that seemed innocent enough unless you think about it logically for a moment. Meet Eustacia Carnley, here’s the post:

fb post

Knowing the job market in Nashville, something just didn’t sound right. 2 years with no luck? The chances are strong that something else is at play here other than the qualifications mentioned in the post. There is always more, right? The first thing that struck us as odd was the “I’ve got over 20 years experience” line – this person looks like they could *maybe* be 35-40, which means that basically if they started drawing blood right out of highschool + a short medical technology school, then that could *maybe* be true – but we were skeptical. Here’s some more of her photos that made us question the age/experience factor. So we dug some more.


It turns out that Eustacia Carnley was actually born in 1976, so she would be around 40 years old this year.

voter reg dob

So with 20 years of experience, that means that she would have indeed started right out of high school and a short technical medical skills school – and continued constantly since. After all, just because I did something for a five years 20 years ago, doesn’t mean I have 20 years of experience in that field.. i have five and a lot of time in between. So a quick google search of her qualifications revealed another recently updated site where she claims ’15 years experience’ instead of 20:

via: http://www.beyond.com/EustaciaCarnley/view/text
via: http://www.beyond.com/EustaciaCarnley/view/text

So is it 20? Is is 15? Let’s take a look as her resume that she created, to find out for sure:

work experience

So, according to HER OWN RESUME, she’s only had 6 years and 6 months experience doing the job in the field she’s looking for. That is a long way from 20+ years experience she talks about in her Facebook posting. Maybe she left a job off? or maybe a few? or maybe 14+ years of jobs off her resume? While anything is possible, what would be the point in not putting 14+ years of employment history in a relevant field on your resume? Either those years don’t exist in the field stated, or you don’t want anyone to know about them? Also, in her post she says she’s been in Nashville for 2 years looking for a job, but look at her resume for the ‘All Medical’ job – those dates just don’t align with that statement – on either end!

Either way – asking a group of strangers in a Facebook group to give you the ‘hookup’ on a job and help you get your foot in the door, probably isn’t the best thing to do when they know nothing about you – and you’re not being up front about yourself to begin with.

Note, we were able to find in those ‘missing’ years of supposed phlebotomist experience she has been trying to start a small home business called ‘Paradygm Images Photography’ which she got listed in WeddingWire back in 2012, and has also been driving for Lyft during that time too – both qualifications that count in 20 years experience of drawing blood, right?

Lesson of the Day: Don’t take Facebook posts at ‘face value’ or you could end up with egg on your face.

Of course – not a singles person in the Facebook group noticed any of these things and took her at her word, without question. So what happens when you mention to your friend in HR where you were that you know someone looking for a job that your company has a spot open for, and you get her hired or even for an interview – and she turns out to be a flake that either can’t count or is just dishonest? That look bad on you, or nah?




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2 Thoughts to “East Nashville Facebook vs. Reality: Eustacia Carnley Edition”

  1. Solomon Black

    Haha…is this post for real? Worst satire page I’ve seen to date (and there’s quiet a few out there). Poor woman…I hope that the 188 people that follow this page on Facebook doesn’t take it to heart. Shotty research work at best.

  2. Andrew M.

    Wow… Talk about pulling at straws just for attention. This writer must be extremely desperate for views if he’s picking some random woman off facebook, making up screenshots and profiles to look legit, and then bashing said random assed woman. Who cares, man? What’s the sense? Write about something that actually matters and os relevant… Like all the stupid as fuck trump supporters living in homes built by the mexicans he’s trying to kick out, or something more fire-worthy than somelady you dug out of the deepest ditches lf facebook hell…

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