East Nashville’s “Hong Meow” (Kirin Haller) – GUILTY: Att Aggravated Child Neglect (Under 8/disabled)

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Here in East Nashville we all know her by her long time moniker ‘Hong Meow’ – be it from a clothing swap we’ve found amazing deals at, a show she’s produced at The Basement, or one from any of the hundreds of other event’s she has put together over the past few years. You may have been to a ‘Hung Meow’ show and didn’t even know it – especially if you’ve ever left the comforts of your home and hit a random show here in the East Nasty. There are hundreds of shows on her facebook page if you want to see if you’ve been any of her photo-booths, as the chances are also high of seeing yourself on her collective Instagram or the collective’s Facebook page.

2 Even though you may have seen her out at an event or been in one of her photobooths, do you ever really know who you’re involved with? Thanks to a recent request from Facebook, ‘Hong’ was forced to verify with her given legal name, one she’s went to great lengths to not use until now. East Nashville, meet Kirin Haller. The interesting part about Kirin seems to be her history. A few years ago, in a legal battle case that also involved Brian Hasstedt, Kirin (aka Hong Meow) found herself facing a slew of charges – including Agg. Child Abuse & Agg. Child Neglect. In a plea deal, she ended up being convicted of “Attempted Child Neglect – Aggravated – Child 8 or less or disabled”.

It turns out she couldn’t follow directions very well, either, and got picked up and charges with violation of probation as she couldn’t seem to report in as directed, despite this being state ran probation. Her PO put notes such as this on her most recent probation violations:

  • “PV conceded & sustained, reinstated on probation, there should be no other issues with reporting or def. will have consequences”
  • “Defendant is to abide by all DCS and juvenile court directives regarding custody and contact with victim. Dismiss remaining counts.”

Here’s an overview of the charges list/cases:

kirin case display

And, of course, here are the details of all of the charges, convictions, probation violations, state/felony time served, etc. All the way down to the nearly $12,000 in court costs and fines she still owes, and hasn’t paid a dime on according to the clerk’s office. At least she’s not trying to con people out of money like her acquaintance Alison Martel, but it will be interesting to see what all comes of that as of Monday. We overlaid the unpaid courts fees and costs over her image of bragging about making a lot of money – but somehow it doesn’t seem to go to what she owes, imagine that.

3 finesnotpaid

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charges filed

Attached to her charges list is a note for ‘related cases’ which appears to be the male figure in the domestic situation with the child in question. He was also charged and arrested and plead to the same deal, which was likely a contingency of getting it at all.

related brians cases

brian case display

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Kerin (AKA Hong) with Alison Martel:




So just what does Attempted Child Neglect on a Child 8 or less mean in real life? It can be from a very broad range of things, none of which are good. We will pick up the archive copy from downtown on Tuesday where we’ll get more info unless our electronic request gets processed first.

Since Kirin was a felony offender in TN, here is her FOIL info, too:




Attempted Child Neglect – Aggravated – Child 8 or less or disabled

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  1. Lydia Ravensbane

    This is fucked up, do you know how damaging it can be to peoples’ lives to put hit pieces repeating their real names over and over again? Of course you do, you piece of shit. Good thing about 3 people read this dumbass blog.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Don’t speak too fast. Looking for handouts to cover a recent parole violation: https://www.facebook.com/events/181495658938532/

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