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A preview for Monday! We have to wonder how many people a certain Alison Martel (AKA Alison AMA-Musica) has conned into donating money for a family that she supposedly is state licensed to be a nurse for? We only ask because of a tip that shows she hold NO state license in nursing as purported, not even a CNA or tech, and she’s had 2 GoFundme’s shut down in the past 2 years in to this same ‘fundraising effort’. We’ll have more on Monday during my first article. We have no doubt she knows/knew this family, but the only person taking advantage of the family is perhaps, her! More in Monday’s article, enjoy the weekend for now! Maybe she’ll claim ignorance like Santa’s Pub… She’s already given us some feedback before she deleted it, so we know we’re on the right track and saved the screenshots – doesn’t she know it all comes out in the end?

In a related note of interest, there is a great story about her friend Hong Meow (aka Kirin Haller) and her details and charges for her arrest and conviction of “Attempted Child Neglect – Aggravated – Child 8 or less or disabled” in the pipeline – that story is set to publish overnight, so check with us after your night out, and enjoy – but not before you send us your Alison Martel stories!

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