Far East on Fatherland Receives a ‘Far Out’ 53 Health Inspection Score

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From mold inside the ice machines, to chicken stored on the ground, it was not a good week for Far East, at 1008 Fatherland St. Those are just a few of the things the health department inspector found on this inspection. Re-inspection will occur within 10 days, see the details below:

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1 5 No manager upon arrival.
Asked current PIC (waiter) cooking temp for pork response “I don’t know”
2 5 No sick/ill policy present. Asked for verbal symptoms, did not know.
6 5 Observed employee improperly washing hands switching from water bottles (direct mouth contact) to handling raw chicken.
Observed employee leaving kitchen prep area and went outside with gloves on, did not wash hands upon entering kitchen area to handle food items on cold holding station.
8 2 Observed sauce stored next to hand sink. Exposed /no shield guard, water splashed below.
11 5 Observed lettuce stored on 3 compartment sink under dripping chemicals. (CA: Tossed)
Observed dented cans stored in house.
13 4 Observed bone in chicken stored under hard sink on the ground @ 38 deg F
Observed noodles stored on top of dish washer under dirty shelves exposed uncovered @ 69 deg F
Observed steak stored on top of sprouts (CA: removed & placed in produce unit)
Observed raw chicken stored on top of noodles (CA: removed & placed in produce unit)
14 5 Observed employee only spraying utensils w/water & soap and drying w/towel; did not wash rinse & sanitize. (CA: explained & rewashed)
20 5 Reach in prep cooler near ice machine @ 50 deg F
Sliced tomatoes in cooler @ 58 deg F
26 5 Observed unlabeled container of chemicals (CA: labeled chemicals)
35 1 Observed unlabeled oils stored on shelve (CA: labeled)
Observed uncovered food stored in freezer unit near back door; observed food stored in to go bags in same unit.
37 1 Observed exposed chicken in strainers stored on the ground uncovered @41 deg F.
Observed employees drinks and phones stored on prep table near veggies.
Observed water bottles stored near single service items for customers.
41 1 Observed handles stored in sesame seed product & rice
45 1 Mold found in ice machines
52 1 Observed dumpster doors open.
53 1 Back door open upon arrival

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Full Inspection Report:

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