Hempopotamus Owner Kim Hussey: Reserves Personal Parking Spot on Public Street w/Cones – Bad Neighbor

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Kim Hussey, owner of Hempopotamus on Fatherland, may be selling hemp products and CBD oil legally in her shop, but her actions on her street at home are not of the legal nature. That’s right – Kim Hussey is one of THOSE people who thinks she is so entitled that she blocks off ‘her’ parking spot on a street with public parking so that no one can use it when she’s not parked there – something that is certainly illegal according to Metro. She posted in the East Nashville Facebook group “East Nashville, where when you forgot to put your cones out for record store day before you rushed off to work, your neighbors take up your slack and do it for you.

Reminder: Kim isn’t the only parking elitist in East Nashville – remember our story Bad Neighbor: David Price AKA Owner of Public Street Parking Spot

kim hussey criminal record cones post

And sure enough, on a post just a few minutes earlier – the neighbor, Mimi Gerber, confirms she placed the cones, illegally, because the small businesses nearby (namely record stores but also associated shops like food, etc…) were busy today:

neighbor saves spot mimi gerber

kim hussey 2We could go on for days and days about how there is no reserved parking on a public street and how codes and other metro departments have removed signs, cones, etc.. and fined the owners, for blocking access to a public parking spot on a public street. In fact – today was ‘Record Store Day’ and on Calvin, where Kim Hussey lives, some folks would be using that spot to visit local shops because of the special day. But Kim, who owns her own small business, but apparently doesn’t care about anyone else that does, typically blocks off her own spot every day while she’s not at home – so that the spot sits unused for hours on end, just so she can park directly in front of her house after closing up her own small business on Fatherland. Today – she even forgot to put the cones out – but a vigilant neighbor (Mimi Gerber) was so accustomed to Kim’s routine, that she placed the cones in their usual spot, on Kim’s behalf. Keeping record store day visitors from using the spot, which is currently sitting empty, at 6PM in the afternoon.

meme kim hussey move cones park canoe

And just out of curiosity, we check google maps to see how many empty parking spots there were on that street on an average random day that the google maps car drove by – and guess what – there was a TON of empty spots, even right in front of her house, without the need for elitist entitlement cones:

1305 calvin ave google map street view kim hussey

kim hussey 1In fact, we were curious just how far it was from Kim Hussey’s house at 1305 Fatherland, where the cones are illegally placed, to her own small business, Hempopotamus, located at 1006 Fatherland. Surely it’s far enough that she has to leave early and comes home late just so she doesn’t have to park a mile from her home, right? Her daily commute to her own shop is LESS THAN ONE MILE. The distance to her small business from her front door is 0.7 miles! According to Google Maps, that is a 15 minute walk (maximum), or a 4 minute bike ride! (also 9 minutes by MTA Bus, or 3 minutes via car). With a shop that close, many would wonder why she’s even moving her vehicle at all on a daily basis.

google map

So, how about it, East Nashville… How do you feel about the parking cone users? and law abusers?

coned off spot


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26 Thoughts to “Hempopotamus Owner Kim Hussey: Reserves Personal Parking Spot on Public Street w/Cones – Bad Neighbor”

  1. Katy

    Wow. This isn’t news. Gladys Kravitz has got nothing on you. What an asshole.

    1. we’ve updated our facebook profile photo in your honor! thanks!

  2. Whit Hill

    What do I think? I think this is a really mean, unnecessary “article” targeting one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know. It must have taken a great deal of time and energy to dive into Kim’s online life and piece together this … expose. I imagine your pulse quickened — perhaps you actually chuckled? (I think you did…) — as you constructed a meme out of a picture of a woman you don’t know having a lovely day on the Harpeth. For the record, Kim walks to her job almost every day, not that it’s any of your business. For whatever reason, today, she did not, made an utterly harmless post about the kindness of her neighbors on her own FB page and clearly made you very happy. In a dark, sad kind of way.

    1. after someone emailed us the tip, we spent maybe 10 minutes on the article. all in a days work!

  3. Kay

    It’s just one day out of an entire year for goodness sake! Lighten up! Talk about being a bad neighbor, stirring up trouble for something so trivial – shame on you. :-/

  4. Out of all of the topics you could choose to write about, you choose this? *SMH*
    Bless your heart, and I mean that in the most Southern way possible….

    1. Bless your peakpickin heart, too, child. Bless it. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Caitlin

    Holy shit, y’all really had nothing better to do today than dig through this lady’s Facebook page and make memes out of her pictures for this completely irrelevant “””news””” article?! You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves.

    1. we were rather proud of our meme!

  6. Katztail

    Bored are we????

    1. She’s not complaining about the publicity 🙂 How do you know this wasn’t just some underground marketing? I mean, it wasn’t – but it could have been.

  7. Silly in the city

    It’s illegal. Period. What if i parked in your front of your yard 1 day by your front door. We all have the same rules. Hit the city up for designated parking so you can hve parking all the time.

  8. Brent

    Did she hurt your feelings somehow? This article is petty and childish.

  9. DrCasbah

    The case could, I believe, be rather easily made that this article is libelous towards its subject. Another easily-made case would be that the article compromises her safety. Publishing her home address is essentially a page out of the Gamergate playbook. Also, even if the article weren’t so potentially toxic for Ms Hussey, the fact would remain that it is a wholly sub-par piece of writing. Before you publish again, do try to make sure that the verb tenses are all correct, and that those verbs are not within a run-on sentence that would make a line from Faulkner look like a text message.

  10. Good work. Solid journalistic integrity. Nevermind the typo in the first sentence. (“legally in he shop”)

  11. Jenny

    Are you just butthurt that you had to walk an extra block for RSD because she put cones in front of her house? This article sucks. What a mean spirited attitude! Why not report something actually news worthy instead of picking on one of our local female independent business owners.

  12. Paul The Dick Posts Shit Article

    Top notch journalism here, you guys should be real proud.

  13. Chris

    This is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read in weeks……

  14. Joe White

    Oh brave “journalist”, please publish your home address.

    1. just so we’re clear – she posted the house number in the photo, and the street name in the post comments. We didn’t publish anything that she didn’t already make public.

  15. Ryan courtney

    This article is absolutely rediculous!! Our beautiful city deals with many real issues on a daily basis and trying to make someone who is super kind and loves her city out to be some sort of villain is unbelievably immature. Report on real issues and stop making yourself feel better by thinking you have uncovered some huge “cone conspiracy”. It’s obvious by all the sane comments about this rediculous post that no one is taking this seriously. The only thing you accomplished is giving yourself a bad name.

  16. Casey

    You’ve got to be kidding me. It was for ONE day. What is wrong with you?

  17. Chy

    It’s only right that all rules apply for everyone and the law is the law. Great article, good points, informative

  18. What do I think? I think you would have better served your audience and your platform with something positive and oozing with sugar and goodwill than with this sarcastic, mean-spirited rant.

  19. Tony vera

    I fully support this article. Especially against anyone that thinks their cones will save them.

  20. […] on-street parking.. perhaps you remember these two neighbors from the past – David Price and Kim Hussey that believed they ‘owned’ the public street parking in front of their homes. Now, to […]

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