Kaitlyn Andrews: Drugs, Crimes, & She Wants to Clean YOUR House for Some Quick CASH!

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We’re always curious about the people that advertise their ‘house cleaning’ services on the East Nashville Facebook group – there are so many questions – such as… are you bonded/licensed, are you a criminal, will you steal all my stuff, can i trust you, are you high now, will you be high while cleaning my home, are you scoping out my home to rob later? There is no easy way to know the answers to many of these questions, because virtually none of these people have business licenses in Davidson County or are registered with the state as a company, or even as a sole proprietorship. In fact, most of them are cash-only, and if they wanted to make some quick cash,  a quick claim that they hurt themselves in someone’s home while ‘cleaning’ for them would likely result in a crazy lawsuit in which homeowners insurance would settle with them to get them to go away, and raise the rates of the homeowner – or worse yet they could bilk any homeowner out of cash to not report it – there are just too many possibilities. Laws, regulations, licenses, bonds, etc – they all exist for a reason! And most all of these people have no official status. And we haven’t even mentioned the tax evasion implications they are likely facing.

ka2We saw a post earlier today that reminded us of our extreme distrust of these house cleaning folks, let’s meet Kaitlyn Andrews! You’ve likely saw a post similar to the one below by Kaitlyn, offering her services – often for a steep discount if you sign up for a quick appointment – often indicative of needing money quick, like to buy drugs with, etc…


Hey neighbors, if anyone needs any house cleaning work done tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday morning, three witches and a broom is your go to EN cleaning company! I am trying to get at least three to four houses in during this time to make up for some cancellations, so I am running a $75 ENTIRE house special. Even laundry! Located in McFerrin Park, I am independently operated, and have plenty of experience in house cleaning, property management, pet care, with great references. Don’t hesitate. Send me a message for more info and let’s get your house in shape!

I would be super interested in her “plenty of experience” in property management, pet care, and house cleaning? That’s odd because she says her best job ever was a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe – so we’re not sure where all that property management experience comes from. Here’s a post from her about her ‘best job ever’ and it was nothing to do with property management:

best job

You may be thinking – so what if she wants quick cash money – how do we know she’s buying drugs? We don’t – except she’s told us, time after time:

kaitlyn andrews too many benzos drugs


weed trust


And of course, she would NEVER show up to you home in an altered state, or to watch your pet, right?

drunk before work

And if you’re confused about her name, here is her confirming she is Kaitlyn Andrews, as she needed someone to get her license for her, so she told everyone her last name – which isn’t what she uses on her profile – just imagine – you would be letting this person into your home without knowing her last name if the arrangements were made via facebook.

kaitlyn last name andrews

Her ‘business’ is called “Three witches and a Broom” but it’s not registered as a legal business in either the county, state, or federal levels.


We’ve not yet been able to confirm her DOB matches the DOB on the criminal charges in Davidson County for theft among other things, so we’ll wait and let you search that and draw your own conclusion – we’ll update once we confirm her DOB which should be complete in a few hours.

So would you let this person in your home to clean knowing what you know now, East Nashville?



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13 Thoughts to “Kaitlyn Andrews: Drugs, Crimes, & She Wants to Clean YOUR House for Some Quick CASH!”

  1. Ms Evans

    So did this girl turn you down for a date or something? This has “somebody broke my heart, so I’m uselessly trying to ruin her life” written all over it.

  2. Lauren S

    What people do in their free time and what they do for an occupation are entirely unrelated. I have attempted to report elementary school teachers who do cocaine in their free time and it falls on deaf ears. Marijuana is not a serious substance nor is a marijuana user automatically a criminal and a thief. As for drinking, I’d be surprised if you’ve never gone a bit too far in your life. The only thing of slight concern here is the mention of pills, and if Kaitlyn makes an honest living cleaning, she can spend her money how she so pleases! If you had an unpleasant experience with this woman, it should have been taken up with her. To me, this is just a slanderous article written on an illegitimate news site. Pathetic. I’m sorry if whoever you’re into had their heart stolen by this beautiful lady, but the retaliation is sad and a stretch.

    1. who says this isn’t just an elaborate April 1st style advertisement for her cleaning business?

  3. Alex C

    This reads as spiteful gossip spawned from boredom that is not indicative of being informative at all. All you’ve managed to do is put on parade that it is extremely important to monitor to whom you allow access to on your Facebook . Clearly, not everyone is looking to be friendly and are instead more interested in writing articles that are more about slander and damaging people’s lives. Perhaps you should next time search more for a list of references or unhappy customers that might better suit your claims and perhaps that might bolster this Esquire grade article. You’ve managed to highlight her anxiety and her prescription to benzodiazepines (which you may want to look into to perhaps help you locate your misplaced inner chill) and additionally marijuana usage hat she uses recreationally which could be said about plenty of reputable individuals. At BEST this would make the perfect example for defamation and I would be interested to see how that played out quite frankly. If my grandmother read this article and then asked me what exactly she was suppose to extract from this information, I would tell her that I think it after reading it that it might have something to do with scorned lover’s vengeance and then we’d hire her to clean. I would really suggest the author having some kind of supporting editor with a strong background in “some form of college level journalism” before allowing themselves to hit the submit button so foolishly.

    1. who says this isn’t just an elaborate April 1st style advertisement for her cleaning business?

  4. kristen

    this is fucked up and stupid. reeeeeally reaching.

  5. John Rucker

    Wow, in this world of journalistic fanaticism you now rank up there with Fox news and Donald Trump anything. Not only dies this seem like a biased news article it also reeks of poor journalism making your attempts at real news nothing more than tabloid dribble.

    I suggest that if you want more then just clicks and views to improve your SEO you switch to real journalism. Those of us raised here in Nashville do not take kindly to what seems like defamatory news.

  6. Margaret

    this article is very misleading. I know Kaitlyn well and she is a METICULOUS house cleaner. None of that Merry Maids non-sense where they just wipe off surfaces with a damp cloth. She is amazing, very trustworthy, and can clean a chandelier like nobody’s business.

    I’m 67 years old and don’t see anything wrong with her fun makeup and hairdo. Not sure why the author is so rigid about her appearance.

    When you get my age, you don’t worry about such minutiae. You learn to evaluate people based on character.
    I would recommend this author take a spa day and relax!

  7. Nicky Alfred

    you do realize presenting opinions as fact about a person is against the law, right? you’re a piece of shit.

  8. Graham Kelly

    What else should we expect from something called “east nashville news?” Petty hipster trash, talking shit about people behind a computer screen. Will probably tell his friends “everyone’s so mad, but I don’t care!” as he takes a sip of some overly flavored “craft beer” he paid too much for. Paul Nicholson, eh? Shouldn’t be too hard to find you. Have fun at the bars, buddy 🙂

  9. Please change the by-line on this and any other articles to make it clear that this is not written by me.

    1. are you conceited enough to think you’re the only Paul Nicholson in the world? Funny.

  10. She can come live with me. Get off her back, dude. If u knew have the crap I did when I was young….u wouldn’t let ME clean your house either.

    I mean, not that I’m offering. Unless u got some ludes.

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