East Nashville Bear Mural: Sneak Preview!

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There have been many mixed emotions over the East Nashville mural that is currently being painted on the side of East Side Cycle, owned by Bongo World. The original mural, some claimed a Nashville ‘landmark’ had been there many years, and YES it was time for a change. Over the past few days, a new mural has began to appear – a mural of bears, and some East Nashville residents have went as far as to deface the mural on Sunday night. Early Monday, volunteers were seen helping artist, Leah Tumerman and her mother clean up the mess left by the vandals.

We have found what appears to be the inspiration for the new bear-inspired mural, in some former artwork of the artist. The piece is entitled “Bear Outing” and is also available on her website. It is a collaborative effort by Leah Tumerman & Natalie Clark.

Here’s the current mural, during clean-up on Monday:

bears - vandalism

Here is what appears to have inspired the new mural, from the artist’s Facebook page – from April of 2012:

bears inspired

Despite how you feel about the change – the fact that remains that this is progress, and most (us included) welcome the change, it was well beyond past due. If you have information on who vandalized the mural overnight – tips@eastnashville.news – we’ll take care of the rest!

You can see some of the artists previous inspiration – her work with both bears and the circles, leading up to this combination, as well as the California flag, with the bear – another source of inspiration?

leah 5

leah 4

leah 3

leah 1


leah 2

leah 6

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