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Pamela Furr may have learned a valuable lesson on Saturday afternoon – once something is on the internet, it is FOREVER. In a world where screenshots can be saved for posterity in mere fractions of a second, and Google and other companies thrive on caching things as soon as they’re published to the web – anything that you post, even if only for a fleeting moment – lives on forever, no matter how bad you regret posting it. And regret certainly seems to be the emotion of the weekend for Cumulus / WWTN Radio Personality/News Anchor Pamela Furr, who has deactivated her Facebook page after the public noticed she had published a fake news story and stood behind it for hours – and once she promised to retract her statements if the news story was false, decided instead to pretend it never happened, and just deactivate her primary source of social media – her primary verified Facebook Account. (She has another backup account under a fake name that remained online at time of publication).

The Furr Fiasco started when Furr, on her Facebook page (which is verified as a WWTN News Anchor – prominently listed as her employer and position) posted a news story claiming that:

  • [FALSE] White House displayed rainbow colors for Orlando
  • [TRUE] White House displayed rainbow colors for Gay Marriage Ruling
  • [FALSE] White House displayed purple colors for Prince’s Death
  • [FALSE] White House flew flag at FULL staff despite death of Dallas officer deaths.

Here is her post stating such – published on Saturday:

pamela furr fake new story white house prince gay orlando facebook post

Before we look at her statements let’s take a look at her profile. Pamela Furr is Facebook Verified on her primary account, signified by the blue checkmark logo-  which means Facebook has verified her identity as a public figure or media representative, and her profile clearly states her position at WWTN / Cumulus Media. While she may ‘believe’ that she is representing herself, by including her WWTN/Cumulus affiliation, she is representing them, according to the Cumulus Social Media internal policy. Especially since she is Facebook verified as representing their brand. So, as a representative of WWTN 99.7 / Cumulus, she knowingly posted false news stories.

How is she to be trusted to deliver the news for any Cumulus going forward? The public is now aware of her fake news stories – which she claims was sent to her by a ‘friend’ that lives in DC, and she ‘trusts him’ so she felt no need to verify the story since he lived in DC. Well, we live in Nashville, so if we tell you that Dolly Parton just did a cartwheel, are you going to believe us because we live here? What kind of journalistic integrity is that? This isn’t the first time her ethics or responsible reporting has been called into question. There was even a #FirePam hashtag that started shortly after her disingenuous post was noticed online.

pamela furr facebook verified

As soon as she posted the ‘news’ story that she created, she started receiving feedback on her page that her sources were incorrect, and the news “story” was fake – for hours and hours she stood by her claim, even said she would retract it if her friend in DC was wrong, but she was absolutely sure he could be trusted. After finally being proven that her story was false, she simply disappeared into the darkness and deactivated her social media presence on Facebook. Of course the image she posted was from 2008, and a commonly used stock image of the whitehouse – not of one from even this year, or this night, where the flag flew at half staff.

why retract trust source pamela furr

pamela furr response

pamela furr convo fb responsibility check facts

pamela furr asshole white house real half staff

furr pic from 2008

And then she went black:

1pamela fb deleted

So while things were black, we did some digging around and found many indiscretions that bring her professional judgement into question. Once such incident happened back on June 14, then Pamela and a friend went out drinking Pino Grigio, and got the great idea to send her boss drunken snapchats of them two of them, some of which was archived, an example of which is below. Would you send YOUR BOSS / MANAGER a drunken snapchat at 2AM?

Not only does Pamela Furr have boundary issues, she has judgement issues, too – would you trust this lady in your newsroom?


Pamela Furr makes racist remarks such as “Should blacks wear cowboy hats?” Seriously, Pam? HUMANS is the word you’re looking for. Humans. And yes, humans should wear cowboy hats.

pamela furr sexist should a black man wear a cowboy hat


Pamela Furr also does not like homosexuals, the gay lifestyle, that there is now gay marriage – she she is NOT afraid to let it be known. Is this someone who can report fair and accurately, or someone who just makes up her own news?

pamela furr hates gays homophobe

She continues from the post:

We cannot follow these churches. We cannot redefine Holy Matrimony to include homosexual unions. We must repent. We must abandon those ideas and behaviors that the Bible says leads to death. Either that or we must admit that we are no longer Christian.”

“Finally, my friends, as much as we might like to, pastors cannot ignore homosexuality. We can’t just “love people” and “live and let live” as people often urge us to do. Covenantal life is a moral obligation; not a mere “personal” choice”


Pamela Furr is also sexist – believing that women should not have to register for the selective service, saying “We are physically different from men. Our lungs are smaller, we don’t have as many muscles, our hormones are different..putting us in a different situation when those hormones do what they are created to do. Women serving in the armed forces now are certainly being put into situations where they have to defend themselves in a war zone, but they’ve chosen to do so…these women who are capable of adapting to these situations. But not all women are capable, and therefore should NOT BE FORCED to do so.

pamela furr sexist


And if all of that wasn’t enough – Pamela Furr thinks that Southern Gospel Music is FULL OF FAT ASSSES. We did not misspeak, those are her words.

“OH MY GOD!!! What happened to Southern Gospel Music? Where did all the fat asses come from?”

“WHERE DID ALL THE FAT ASSES COME FROM? Holy moly. I’m not joking. Everywhere you turn double chins and swollen ankles.”

“I ask you what happened? And I have to wonder if Howard Goodman is in heaven right now laughing his celestial fat ass off at all the people that used to make fun of him AND his family all those years for their weight. Karma may be at play here.”

“And then there’s B roll footage of behind-the-scene looks at the fat asses eating the catered food Bill Gaither has brought in. NO WONDER THEY’RE ALL waddling up to the microphone every night. Good Lord!!”

Furr’s Facebook page stayed deactivated nearly 24 hours, and was re-activated late Sunday afternoon, with the following message – and we should note that the fake news story she created has since been deleted, as if it never existed, except that we saved it for you, and everyone else too see.

pamela new rules reactivates facebook post

I had to deactivate my account for a little while. I had a post that was trending to go “viral” and I wasn’t ready for it. Messages of hate, anger, borderline threats. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH!

Sooo.. new rules on the Pamela Furr facebook page. I’m leaving everything open to everyone as I have. HOWEVER, I am the judge and jury here. I will NOT TOLERATE mean spirited, name-calling posts.

Now mind you, I have a life. So I’m not online at all times. I can’t monitor thousands of comments everyday. But I’ll do my best.

But rest assured, if you send me a hate filled message, you WILL be deleted and blocked. PERIOD. I don’t care if I’ve known you my entire life.. I don’t care if you listen to me on the radio.. I don’t care if you’re a troll from Egypt. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.

As for those sending messages to my boss, my radio station, trying to start a hashtag trend to get me fired.. It’s a free country. Do what you need to do.

Free speech isn’t so free now is it? There are consequences. Good or bad, for every action there is a reaction.

I’m human. If I get a fact wrong, feel free to correct me. I welcome it. I welcome intelligent, passionate discussion on issues we may or may not agree with.. But this vile, unintelligent, rolling-in-the-mud classless stuff is not who I am or what I want to be around.

Most of the friends in my inner circle can tell you I’m a little numb/stunned/in-shock at what’s been happening here in the last few days. Thanks to those of you who have allowed me to vent (I just got off the phone with one friend who is ALWAYS the voice of reason to me.. he’s solid, he’s strong.. he knows WHO he is.. THANK YOU!)

I’m just a girl, who wants peace, love, passion, loyalty and laughter in her life. That’s all. Nothing more. I love my career and the people I work with.. and love telling stories of what is going on in the world. I have an opinion about what is happening and I have a voice. I pray to the heavens I use it responsibly and passionately..

When I lay my head down at night, I ask God.. “Did I live a good life today? Did I do my best? Forgive me if I didn’t.. Show me how to be better.. Remove what needs to be gone from my life.. and show me the way down the road I must go.. ”

So, what’s next for Pamela Furr? We can only tell you what’s happened in the past. Pamela Furr has seen her share of mediocre name-recognition over the past decade – from a failed morning show in North Carolina, to her contract being terminated in Alabama for ‘performance issues’, to recently sending her ‘boss’ at a local station she contracts for drunken messages at all hours of the night.

WPTI axed the talk show she was a part of, and let her remain on as a news anchor.

In April of 2013, RadioDiscussions show her being terminated from another Cumulus Station:

“All News has reportedly shown anchor and reporter Pamela Furr the door. Rumor is Furr’s contract was terminated due to performance and professional issues. Furr good for news, I guess not.”

So, the question remains, do you really want Pamela Furr in YOUR newsroom?

 And the real question, is why didn’t she learn from her professor in 2011 – Pamela, are YOU controlling YOUR message?

comm101 pamela furr are you controlling your message



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