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Are Nashville Uber drivers placing your privacy at risk? In HUNDREDS of screenshots sent to EastNashvilleNews over the weekend, it appears that when Uber drivers are sharing info among their trips among each other and their friends, the passenger/customer’s address is shown prominently in the screenshots. While this is alarming on it’s own – combine this with the destination information that is also shown, and in nearly 60% of the time the destination was Nashville International Airport (BNA – 1 Terminal Dr) – meaning that not only was the customer’s home address exposed online, but also the fact they were now presumably out of town, since they were just dropped off at the airport, courtesy of the Uber driver.

We have masked the addresses for publication below. This is only a small sampling from the hundreds of screenshots we received over the weekend. While the screenshots were in reference to another upcoming investigation, this could not go unnoticed. While some of the Uber groups are set to ‘closed’, the information is easy enough to get for anyone that wants it. If were were able to gain access, then anyone could – drivers can fake verification, or no longer be a current driver, etc.. and some of the groups are even set to ‘public’ which means you don’t even have to be a member to view the information.

Even when presented with this information after we first published this article, many Uber drivers defended their actions, including Adam Shonting, who replied “…there is nothing saying I can’t tell people where I picked them up and where I dropped them. There is no right to privacy in an Uber…” – according to Uber’s contract with the driver, there is certainly an expectation of privacy, and releasing this information is against policy.

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