Nashville Uber Drivers Refusing A/C This weekend (Or Charging a cash ‘surcharge’) due to Fuel Prices

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Gas in Nashville, which on average only went up eleven cents overnight, to an average of $2.29 in Nashville per WKRN, is the reason that some Nashville Uber drivers are telling passengers they are either not using their Air Conditioner during rides, or are charging a cash/Square surcharge outside of the Uber platform, to give passengers a ride this weekend. With a high in the 90’s and a feel-like near 100, this could be a huge issue for most passengers.

Have none of these people ever watched Mythbusters? Using the AC is not going to have a dramatic difference, especially when compared to your ratings and tips – and the fact that Uber will deactivate you for a cash ‘surcharge’ outside of their system. And before you assume this was just talk among drivers joking around – some of these were posting into the public passenger groups, giving them a heads up for the weekend so they would not be surprised when confronted about no A/C or extra money required. Roy Sinko posted the following in the Nashville Uber Passenger Group on Saturday morning:


Abe Nabel was of the same opinion last night in the Uber drivers group from copies of conversations we received overnight.


According to several news stations, almost all Nashville stations received full tanks overnights and the only reason there is any shortage is because everyone is flocking to the pumps. In other words, this is all for nothing. And If an Uber driver will refuse A/C over a a few cents more per gallon, what’s next? These were a few of the examples we found Have you taken an Uber this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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