White People/Gentrification: EN Resident Gregory Lemley Finds Penis Spray Painted on House, is Afraid Thieves Have ‘Marked’ his House for Crime…

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gregory-1Gregory L Lemley recently found a surprise on the side of his home in East Nashville. Let’s be clear – Gregory found a (somewhat faded) penis, drawn in what appears to be spray paint. It wasn’t even a remarkable penis, rather just a flaccid attempt what what was likely 8th grade humor from kids out of school for the summer. At any rate, Gregory, who has lived in East Nashville for just over two years, lives in one of those neighborhoods that didn’t exist until a few short years ago. He calls it ‘McFerrin Park’ – a name given by some developers, because it sounds better than ‘the really bad part of EN’ – which is precisely what most of us grew up calling that area – a place that we certainly wouldn’t be caught after dark.

Kimberly Wilkerson may have commented it best: My point is Gregory is that your living in a not so cool area of east nashville…..well at least it use to not be and I suspect there are still some original residents still there. See I’ve lived in East Nashville all my life Inglewood to be exact and your newly named area “McFerrin Park” which I’ve never heard of BTW until recently. When I was a teenager I was scared as hell to go to that side of town. Now developers have come in and sold many new comers a dream.

gregory-2You may be wondering why this is even news or gossip worthy, so let’s move on with what happened next. After finding this penis artwork, Gregory took to facebook to ask about the drawing, because he was in great fear that criminals had now marked his house as a ‘target’ for a future crime or robbery, or to alert other ciminals he was a good target. Gregory insists that scenario has happened before, in his short 2-year stint as an McFerrin Park resident – however it is most likely an old rumor told among HOA meeting and neighborhood watch group meetings, as we were unable to locate any such verified instance via MNPD contacts, or via the nearly 30,000 member Facebook group that Gregory claims to have remembered it from. Criminals certainly do not use this method to mark houses for each other, it’s 2016 they have snapchat and the internet – spray paint is very outdated, and just now how any of this would work. As someone else comments on his post, the only people that have been verified as to using spray paint to leave messages are train hoppers, which will often mark treets or bridges or underpasses as to which houses are open to helping them out with food or assistance, etc – but nothing criminal, only indicating positive help.


Hello EN neighbors:

Today i discovered this spray paint marking on the side of my house in McFerrin Park. I remember seeing something like this pop up on here in the past and it was something that criminals/thieves do to communicate to one another as far as “scouting” out a house. Has anyone on here experienced this or do they recognize the marking shown below? This could completely be nothing but I certainly don’t want to let it go unrecognized. Thanks for any info!

And of course hundreds of neighbors were quick to chime in on what the drawing really was – as it certainly wasn’t some gang marking their territory or saying his house was a future target:


Despite our findings to the contrary, he still insists this happened before, and not in a movie plot or in his dreams:


some even jokingly encouraged him to buy a gun, and reminded him that this part of town wasn’t always so manicured, seemingly buying into his theory his house had been ‘marked’ my criminals.

buy-a-gun  c2

In short (pun intended), you got dicked around by some neighborhood kids, it appears. You were caught with your pants down. It shouldn’t be hard to remove. And you shouldn’t believe everything you imagine you read online. No one has marked your house for anything other than neighborhood fun. Maybe we can get our Mayberry Neighborhood Watch on alert?

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