Annie Storey: History of Domestic Violence Against Men & Lying to Police

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Early Wednesday morning, Annie Storey took to her Facebook page, to tell us all of a tale about how she had been attacked, and how she was the victim, and within 24 hours she had hundreds of friends and acquaintances on Facebook in a virtual lynch mob, harassing her so called ‘attacker’, Austin Tice. It turns out there was much more to the story. This would not be the first time that she has assaulted a boyfriend – in October of 2013, Annie Storey was actually charged with Domestic Assault, against her then boyfriend, Benjamin Johnson. Here is the police affidavit from her initial arrest in 2013:


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She assaulted her then boyfriend, and then called the cops, and of course, she was the one that was charged with domestic assault. The charge was later dismissed at court, after completing some requirements, but the charge remains on her criminal record, and the details public via a police inquiry. During this time she had to attend counseling, was on probation, and even met some jail time for missing court.

Here’s where things get interesting – Annie Storey is currently on a 6 month probation term (until 10/29/2016) according to criminal court records, stemming from a DUI. If she were to be charged with assault or even arrested for this, she would in fact violate her current probation. Storey also still owes $702.15 in costs and fines according to county clerk records, which are due to be paid by the time her probation ends later this month. Should her probation be violated, it could cause a lot more trouble for Storey.

Now, let’s compare this with her post describing her most recent incident with Austin Tice – this is her account of the evening:

I am writing this out despite my fear, grief, and guilt. Last night, I was assaulted by a very beautiful boy and a very kind boy. He was sweet, charming, and honestly above all, a great lay. I had been warned by others of his violent outbursts and still gave him a chance because people are often quite misunderstood. We ended up drinking a little bit and it was like a switch went off. He got angry. He got defensive. He wanted to go home and he wanted to be with me. It went back and forth. I didn’t lay a hand on him, only confiscated his backpack for the return of my keys and when he got his backpack back and then failed to give me keys, I grabbed him by the backpack and he slammed me on the concrete, grabbed me by my hair and proceeded to bash my head into the concrete a few times. When I finally got a handful of his hair to make him stop, he threw his head back and smashed the bridge of my nose and I blacked out. When I came to a few seconds later, he was already running up the street, leaving me in the parking lot, no concern for the physical damage he had just given me. He then told me, while I had blood and tears streaming down my face, that our mutual friend who passed away last year would be mad and disappointed at me, and that she would “know that it was your (my) fault.” I have never been in a relationship with anyone like this before. I have never been treated like this before. I am hurt. I am exhausted. I feel guilty, ashamed, and weak, and above all that, I feel strong. I feel strong that I woke back up. I feel strong that I was able to make a choice for myself. I feel strong because I will pursue this assault case and ensure he never does this to anyone ever again. I do not want him to be jumped or assaulted, I want him to get some real help. He needs real help. People don’t just act like this. We knew each other, but we didn’t really. A two week fling of some sort. I had no idea what he was capable of. I am ! withholding his name now because everyone pretty much knows who it was, !and I just want people to be aware of what this guy did to me, and has done to others. I have already gone to the police and I will let them take care of it from here. Ladies and gentlemen, we have so much worth and so much opportunity to love each other in this life. Don’t let any one ever let you think that you don’t deserve respect of your personality and especially of your bodily safety. Stay safe out there y’all. You’re not alone.

She also included this photo of her injuries:


Annie has a history of Lying to police, so we take her account with that in mind, in addition to her previous history of assault a man then calling the cops assuming he would be arrested. On August 3rd, 2015, Annie Story was pulled over for an Implied Consent Violation (Drinking while operating a vehicle). She told the officer she had not been drinking, and attempted to blame it on a passenger instead. She failed sobriety tests, and was once again arrested. Here’s the affadavit, which includes the officer’s account of her lying to him:

I observed a red Volkswagen Beetle run the flashing red light located at N 11th Street and Gartland Avenue. When I approached the defendant I observed a strong odor of alcohol. The defendant denied drinking and stated that she had picked a friend up from a bar. When I asked for her drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance she fumbled with her documents. The defendant could not find her proof of insurance with it in her hand. The female passenger had to show it to her. I removed the defendant from the vehicle and still observed a strong odor of alcohol. The defendants eyes were bloodshot and watery. The defendant has distinct nystagmus at maximum deviation and prior to forty five degree onset in both eyes. I administered a SFST and the defendant performed poorly in all tasks. I read the implied consent law to the defendant and requested for her to take a breath test and she refused all tests.

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In fact, here’s all her charges:

Date Charge Conviction
10/27/2013 Assault, Dom Bod Injury Dismissed
08/03/2015 Implied Consent – Civil Guilty
08/03/2015 DUI Guilty / Reckless Driving
01/13/2016 Driv License Suspended Dismissed
01/07/2016 Driv License Suspended Dismissed


And her entire criminal history for Davidson County:

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Since her online lych mob went after Austin Tice, others have claimed that he did things to them before, too – however he has but a single charge on his record, and it is dismissed – a simple possession of alcohol <21, which was dismissed at court. So you be the judge, who is the real victim here – is it Austin Tice, who she had a 2 week fling with, and has no criminal history of violence, or is it Annie Storey who has a history of not only lying to police, but also attacking/assaulting a previous boyfriend. You be the judge.

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10 Thoughts to “Annie Storey: History of Domestic Violence Against Men & Lying to Police”

  1. Dylan

    First off how DARE you put this kind of information about this person. How about you find something that is actual news instead of putting a persons entire criminal background on a news website for the entire city to see. I’m sorry but this is just wrong to post. This is a school friend of mine and she was trying to raise awareness for overall domestic violence. Regardless of whoever starts it domestic violence is wrong and no one should ever have to resort to it. Let alone let a news website put them on blast for it. OH yeah and for the record Austin Tice has just a big of a record. Go look him up. Before you put people on blast get your facts straight.

  2. Christina

    This is not news. This is slander.

    1. it’s only slander if the facts we reported were not true, which is why we provided the official reports from the MNPD. See our legal page for further help on defining slander, and thanks for reading ENN.

  3. CuH

    wow you really have nothing better to do with your pathetic ass life huh?

  4. Flossie

    This is an abhorrent abuse of journalism. Since when does East Nashville News condone victim shaming? Things like this are one of the reasons that more victims of domestic violence do not speak up. Victim shaming is never acceptable! Shame on the author for producing this completely biased atrocity & on East Nashville News for allowing it. THIS IS DISGUSTING!

  5. Coty

    This is my first visit to this site. I came here to maybe find some information on an armed robbery that turned into a SHOOTING just a block from my home. Instead, I find this article. Really?! This is pathetic. You guys should delete this article and pretend it never was posted.

  6. Fred

    I’m impressed that you went to the lengths necessary to find all of this information, research is a lost art of journalism these days.

    Ignore these trolls complaining, honest reporting is one of the things which made this country great.

  7. Hugh Mungus

    Good job guys, keep up the good work.

  8. Jack

    Nice job! Fact checking, proof, and presumption of innocence (for the guy in question)…. the only thing I can think of is that the readers won’t have to be the judge.. an actual judge will be doing that instead.

  9. I wonder if the people who are getting so offended by this article would feel the same way about it if the subject was male and the person he slandered was female
    This is not defamation of character, what she posted is
    Also, the picture she posted is nowhere near similar to what she described
    she is the type of person who make it harder for real domestic abuse victims to come forward, bc she makes it harder for real victims to be believed
    It’s the boy who cried wolf type deal

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