Shelby Bottoms Golden Pheasant Alive & Well!

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For many years now, a Golden Pheasant has roamed Shelby Bottoms, making surprise appearances, suriving the coldest of winters, and someone making it work (like any true Nashvillian). After several months of no sightings, he was spotted again this week by Brad Gavigan, who took the photo below.

You can see our previous coverage of our local bird celebrity here: The Shelby Bottoms Golden Pheasant – from Bucket List Item to Mail Order Bird Bride? and even here: Local Artist Adam Hale Captures East Nashville’s Celebrity Bird.


If you’re looking to spot the elusive golden pheasant for yourself, the most popular location is just south of the Shadow Lane connector on the main trail. Around 8AM seems to be a popular time. Also, the birds name is(was) reportedly Ronnie, and escaped from a local resident’s aviary some years ago.



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