Postmates: Weekly Schedules A Thing of the Past

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Last year we told you that Postmates would be removing the schedules/priority shifts for its workforce, and today the announcement was made official via this announcement to couriers:


Here’s some of our previous coverage, read the full article here:
Postmates: Courier Schedules Going Away

Previously we told you about some of the shakeups and controversy happening over at deliver-anything-to-your-doorstep ‘Postmates’, and their couriers, which many of us here in East Nashville have learned to rely on religiously, to snag anything from groceries, to dinner, to some emergency Plan B for the morning after, or even a bong delivered to East Nashville. After publishing some of their ‘behind the scenes’ tips we had from local couriers and remote customer service reps that work here in Nashville, we recently received a new tip – Couriers will soon be working without schedules!

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As a bit of history, the remote customer service callers (that attempt to call in your food orders to the merchant) had their schedules removed back in November – now those employees contractors may log on/off as they please for 1 minute or 10 hours, it doesn’t matter – they are paid per call they claim/complete, so the hope by Postmates was that the employees 1099-Inddependant Contractors would log themselves off if the calls were slow, and jump on to make more money if the system was busier than usual. Of course, this all stemmed from a lawsuit, which is still pending, that is creating havoc on the employee vs. 1099 relationship that everyone outside of the corporate office has with Postmates (and similarly, Uber & Lyft). The removal of the schedule as well as some strongly worded footer text on all communications reminds workers that they are not employees, do not have schedules, and can work anytime they want. So it was only to be a matter of time before this no-schedule culture spread to the couriers, as well.

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