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We’ve frequently covered Nashville Uber & Lyft Drivers that accept cash money for rides, bypassing the Uber (or Lyft) app, and putting their riders in danger, as they are no longer covered by any agreement, or insurance coverage. It’s becoming a major problem, and is illegal in Tennessee – this is why the TLC exists – you can’t just take cash for rides without going through the proper licensing, background checks, insurance coverage, etc. However, drivers still believe this is perfectly acceptable behavior, and continue to choose greed over safety.

Kathy Haggstrom Tidwell is one such driver. She recently posted on social media about how she accepts cash for rides without using the app, and states believes that it’s her car, her time, and not anyone’s (including the state of TN) business what she does with it, including taking cash for trips without being on the uber/lyft platform – and she’s not alone.

Kathy states “You are an independent contractor, you can pick up wherever you want, just make a cash deal with them unless you have square, I have hotels all over the place that I do this with”.

Perhaps these drivers have never heard of the TLC, the Transportation Licensing Commission? The TLC responded to our previous story of the same situation, stating ““Obviously, she is subject to local regulations IF she is not affiliated with the TNC such as Lyft.  If she is found to be transporting passenger for pay or any type of remuneration, she may be issued citations by the Metropolitan Police.“”

Her statements came from her response to a question posed by another driver, asking how to pickup someone that wasn’t in an area covered by the app (Uber/Lyft). Of course, both Uber & Lyft policies forbid this, and local and state laws.

Would you take a ride with a driver for cash money, knowing that you were not covered by any protection provided by laws, policies, or insurance?


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