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Ciera Washington, an East Nashville resident and avid twitterer, has a lot to learn about living on this side of the river. Maybe she should reach out to Jennifer Ives, who also was upset by a flag in her neighborhood last year. East Nashville has always been a place of diversity, a place where people from all walks of life live together, with general respect for each other, even if they disagree. We’re proud to have neighbors from all backgrounds, from all socioeconomic statuses, whether they be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, no matter how they identify, or their heritage, beliefs, religion or feelings – East Nashville has long been a place where everyone is accepted. Due to gentrification, and the way the neighborhoods have evolved over the years, there is often a small 1 bedroom ‘shack’ of a house next door to a 2 million dollar ‘tall-n-skinny’. Sometimes there is a white supremacist living next door to a family with a history of ancestors that fought with the Klan. It’s just always been that was, and that diversity is something we have long cherished. We are very southern, in that we respect and tolerate our neighbor, no matter our differences, and will often share a glass of tea on the porch or swap hellos when getting the mail or doing yardwork. this sense of a diverse community is something that Stainback Ave resident Ciera Washington has yet to embrace. Washington recently noticed a confederate flag in the window on Stainback Ave – and posted in the local neighborhood Facebook group, in hopes that someone could help her get it removed, claiming SHE didn’t feel safe in her neighborhood. She even claimed to have penned a letter to the city, citing she didn’t feel safe and that person’s 1st amendment right shouldn’t be allowed. Here’s her social media post:

We attempted to reach out to Washington, but received no response. We have also requested (via open records act) a copy of the received letter, and will post it when our request is processed.

The correct response, is of course, to “get over it” that person has a right to fly any flag they want. So please, Ms. Washington, Get over it. Get over yourself.

Things only seem to offend Ciera when they come from people that are not black. She even provokes responses on purpose:

Even praises others when they make white people uncomfortable – but doesn’t like being uncomfortable herself – hypocrite much?

Here’s some of her other notable social media stances, for your judgment:

Of course, if she’s going to be loud and make complaints about her city, perhaps she should pay what the Criminal Court Clerk says she owes, so that more things could be funded. per the current CCC website, she owes nearly $688 – some of it nearly 8 years old, and still never paid.

What were the charges for? Here’s the list:

At the end of the day, Ms. Washington, “Get Over It” is probably the best advice you’re going to receive. Washington has since left the Neighborhood group, we are unsure if by choice or not. Perhaps she will put her own flag in her window, a large white one, signaling that she gives up this effort to block others rights that she claims to care so much about.





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