Ciera Washington: Pens Letter to City over East Nashville Confederate Flag; Doesn’t Feel Safe in HER neighborhood.

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Ciera Washington, an East Nashville resident and avid twitterer, has a lot to learn about living on this side of the river. Maybe she should reach out to Jennifer Ives, who also was upset by a flag in her neighborhood last year. East Nashville has always been a place of diversity, a place where people from all walks of life live together, with general respect for each other, even if they disagree. We’re proud to have neighbors from all backgrounds, from all socioeconomic statuses, whether they be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, no matter how they identify, or their heritage, beliefs, religion or feelings – East Nashville has long been a place where everyone is accepted. Due to gentrification, and the way the neighborhoods have evolved over the years, there is often a small 1 bedroom ‘shack’ of a house next door to a 2 million dollar ‘tall-n-skinny’. Sometimes there is a white supremacist living next door to a family with a history of ancestors that fought with the Klan. It’s just always been that was, and that diversity is something we have long cherished. We are very southern, in that we respect and tolerate our neighbor, no matter our differences, and will often share a glass of tea on the porch or swap hellos when getting the mail or doing yardwork. this sense of a diverse community is something that Stainback Ave resident Ciera Washington has yet to embrace. Washington recently noticed a confederate flag in the window on Stainback Ave – and posted in the local neighborhood Facebook group, in hopes that someone could help her get it removed, claiming SHE didn’t feel safe in her neighborhood. She even claimed to have penned a letter to the city, citing she didn’t feel safe and that person’s 1st amendment right shouldn’t be allowed. Here’s her social media post:

We attempted to reach out to Washington, but received no response. We have also requested (via open records act) a copy of the received letter, and will post it when our request is processed.

The correct response, is of course, to “get over it” that person has a right to fly any flag they want. So please, Ms. Washington, Get over it. Get over yourself.

Things only seem to offend Ciera when they come from people that are not black. She even provokes responses on purpose:

Even praises others when they make white people uncomfortable – but doesn’t like being uncomfortable herself – hypocrite much?

Here’s some of her other notable social media stances, for your judgment:

Of course, if she’s going to be loud and make complaints about her city, perhaps she should pay what the Criminal Court Clerk says she owes, so that more things could be funded. per the current CCC website, she owes nearly $688 – some of it nearly 8 years old, and still never paid.

What were the charges for? Here’s the list:

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At the end of the day, Ms. Washington, “Get Over It” is probably the best advice you’re going to receive. Washington has since left the Neighborhood group, we are unsure if by choice or not. Perhaps she will put her own flag in her window, a large white one, signaling that she gives up this effort to block others rights that she claims to care so much about.





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25 Thoughts to “Ciera Washington: Pens Letter to City over East Nashville Confederate Flag; Doesn’t Feel Safe in HER neighborhood.”

  1. Lachanta Tyler

    This WHOLE article is BULLSHIT… especially the final part about her paying her court cost…PER BULLSHIT!!!

  2. Who allowed this article to be written? How is it news?! This is a straight up personal attack!

  3. You are absolutely right that East Nashville prides itself in diversity and loving our neighbors regardless of background, so you should do the absolute fucking same and let this woman be who she is. I can’t fathom what would drive you to write an article singling out and dragging a woman for sharing her opinions and fears online. I also can’t believe you would go so far as to dig into her personal life to this extent. This is the most fucked up piece of writing I’ve read in a minute, and you have no business being in our neighborhood.

  4. Shatoya Cantrell

    Whoever wrote this trash is the reason she has something to say in the first place. Who the fuck puts up any of her personal things in an article? Ciera has way more people behind her than against her.

  5. What does her court cost have to do with feeling uncomfortable in a neighborhood were she grew up. This whole article crap.

    1. there was no inaccurate information, it’s all public record.

      1. Jo-Anna

        Doesn’t matter if this is part of public record. What does her court cost have anything to do with her feeling safe?

        Whooever wrote this piece of garbage is disgusting AND a coward. You couldn’t even put your name on it. Why? Because you know it’s wrong and you don’t want the backlash.

        I’d love to know who wrote this, but we’ll probably never know because this waste of space was too chicken shit to take responsibility for this, so I doubt they’ll open themselves up for criticism.

  6. Angel

    Anyone can exercise their right to free speech as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Now whether a confederate flag infringes on your personal rights is purely subjective as it is quite obvious that people disagree on the imagery there. As an African American, the Confederate flag has a history steeped in hate. I have yet to hear a reason why this type of symbolism does not belong in the same category as swastika. So why is the reaction not the same? Another conversation for another day, perhaps.

    I’m much more bothered by your response to Ms. Washington. You didn’t agree with her social media post – fair. What is NOT fair is how you reacted in light of your disagreement. Yes you reached out to her and she did not respond. Did she have to? In response, you took the opportunity to use a public forum to shame her because of how she felt. Maybe her ideas about diverse communities does not include living next to people who display hate symbols in their yard. A Facebook post response, email or private message with your thoughts would have been sufficient. What is to be said about people like you? People who demean people in a public “news” forum for what they feel? Somehow your response about ONE topic quickly turned it into a very personal and demeaning tirade against Ms. Washington. You repeatedly brought up facts that do not have ANYTHING to do with the matter at hand. Many of her posts, particularly the ones about “Jordans” are obvious jokes (whether you find them funny or not). Yet, because you were in such a hurry to find posts that would paint her in a bad light, you missed that. How would you feel if someone said your opinion did not matter because of a past indiscretion? That is not exercising the tolerance that you mentioned in the first paragraph. What your article does exhibit is immaturity, intolerance, and unprofessionalism. MY East Nashville neighbors wouldn’t do such a thing. They would use a disagreement as an opportunity to gain understanding and coexist. YOU do not represent the East Nashville that I know and love.

  7. Stephanie waters

    I love Ciara! She is EAST NASHVILLE. This entire article is pointless. Now get over her and “Get Out”

  8. Dumb Fresh

    Wow what a cyberattack this was! Who made said this was journalism ? Save this for your Tumblr blog. I can’t believe how disgusting and UNETHICAL this is! Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  9. C

    A personal attack on someone…. putting court documents online and calling it news… when it has nothing to do with anything. “East Nashville news” more like east Nashville gossip group…

  10. I will be complaining to Proxy Protection LLC. The person whom this article is attributed to has said he is not the author. Therefore what you are doing is illegal.

    1. Raymond sits one desk over from me, and he says he hasn’t spoken to you today. Perhaps there’s more than one person with the same name?

  11. Arlene

    Im trying to find the damn need in this wack ass article because the last i check the new is suppose to be objective. This was a attack. And lets make one thing clear thete would be no east nashville w/o black people, if it wasnt for the 2 stadiums, downtown nashville being revamped these confederate flag waving idiot wouldnt have anything to do with it.

  12. Aja

    This is not journalism. This is a disgusting and poorly written attempt at intimidation. Jim Crow much?

  13. suck cock

    Lmaooo what fucking imbecile wrote this bullshit.

  14. Sara

    Super disgusting. The author that is. You have completely discredited your entire “website” with this this tasteless, personal attack of an “article”. This is NOT East Nashville.

  15. Christy

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

    This article is disgusting

  16. Melissa Cherry

    This”article” is what’s wrong with new Nashville. I also grew up in East Nashville and we built a sense of community there by supporting each other. A Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. Period. They may have a”right” to fly it, but people of color are right to feel threatened by it. We will continue to stand with each other and call out hate when we see it, well after it’s not “cool” again.

  17. Brittany

    So being racist is being diverse now? Oh

  18. Ayana Woodson

    This author is the epitome of what’s wrong with the “new” Nashville. This self righteous, side ways racism is eating@ the core of any solution to the race issues that plague this country. I’ve lived 38 of my 44years in Easy Nashville& never felt the need to accept racist propaganda in any form. But the ones with the PRIVILEGE to ignore racism& act as if our voices are a nuisance.

  19. Not A Matter of Public Record

    Alright. So. The fact that the information is accurate, does not mean it is necessary or in any way relevant. I mean, I could write an article about you being a steaming pile of Shit and say it was true. (Which it is, by the way, Evan.) I wish I could say this was the first time I’ve seen you pull Shit like this, but we all know it isn’t. You are one of the shittiest people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, and if my comments, or this lady’s situation bothers you that much, take your own advice. Get over it.

  20. JBG

    God you people writing this shit are fucking stupid.

  21. Nashville Native Detroit Playa

    Its ironic you pull up her court records when her revoked license charges and fees have been proven to be a direct result of discrimination by police towards black folk in north and east Nashville. Who tf cares if she owes the courts thay are harmless charges anyway. And no white supremacist belong anywhere in america if you ask me.

    1. ENN Staff

      I’m quite certain that police discrimination toward black people in Nashville was not the cause of her license to be revoked, or the reason she was unable to pay her fines. Maybe if people accepted responsibility for their actions?

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