East Nashville Speed Challenge(r) (w/Video)

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Dear neighbor on Montgomery Ave: if this is you, can you stop? We understand you love your new car, which appears to be a Challenger, however there are human beings and animals that live here, and if you continue this, someone’s going to get hurt. It’s dangerous, and we’re not impressed. We understand that (according to your neighbors) you just graduated, and you think the world now belongs to you, along with your new car with paper drive-out tags – but in fact, you share this world, and this street with the rest of us, and with MNPD who is now looking to catch you in the act.


A neighbor located your car, but not your identity, at the corner of Joseph & Richardson:

If this is you, or you know this person, do the right thing, and make this not happen anymore, or call the MNPD at 862-8600 and let them know who it is.


Call / Text Kurt NOW! 615-479-0550

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