Frisky Frog’s Nashville: Assumes Gay Customer’s Gender, Causes Bathroom Blunder

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In mid-May, a customer reported on social media they were followed into a restroom by an employee at Frisky Frog’s Nashville, located on Demonbreun St, because they had a hat on backwards, and the bartender was unable to confirm the gender identity of the customer. According the customer, the bartender actually followed her into the restroom in an attempt to confirm her gender identity.

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Frisky Frog’s Nashville has not responded to repeated requests for comment. The customers,¬†Bridgett Hardville (known by her professional name ‘Jane Dupree’) & Stephanie Cumpston (both females) were customers at the bar, at a time when they described the venue as having 3 bartenders and 2 other customers. Dupree had her hat on backwards, and attempted to use the restroom – when she was followed by a bartender because she says staff felt she looked like a male. While Dupree is a female who simply had a hat on backwards, this brings up questions about the bathroom gender policy in effect at Frisky Frog’s Nashville. Is it regular policy for an employee to follow a patron into the restroom in an attempt to determine their gender identity? How do they determine this exactly? In order to prove your gender must you simply answer a question, or prove by a body search? Frisky Frog’s Nashville has not responded to requests in the previous 3 weeks since the incident, so we are left to wonder about their actual policy. Is any of this legal in Nashville?

Here are some of the social media posts regarding the incident:

When we first reached out to management, the address listed on their management contact area of their website returned as mailbox full:

We then reached out to the owner of their domain name on May 18th, and he initially replied, then stopped any further contact. We have yet to receive any additional response from the management of Frisky Frog’s Nashville.




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