Nashville Lyft Driver Has Meltdown over Gay Pride; Says Lyft Will Not Use Him to “Spread the Gay Agenda”

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Earlier this week, Lyft announced that it’s Amp light will display rainbow colors for a period of time to celebrate LGBT Pride Month celebrations in each city it operates. Nashville Lyft drivers will see their Amp show rainbow colors June 23 – 25, to coincide with Nashville Pride. A Nashville driver says he will not be use to “spread the gay agenda” of Lyft.

Nashville Lyft Driver Brian Ward is having no part in the celebration of equality and acceptance of others, and refuses to use it during Pride weekend, even threatening to “break it into tiny pieces and mail it back [to Lyft]” :

“What is this bulls##t !!! Hey lyft just cause your a pro gay company doesn’t mean all the people that contract with you are. So your going to force your pro gay agenda thru the amp. Really ! Well guess what I’m not going to turn it on. Hell i might break it into tiny pieces and mail it back to you . I thought it was a device to help passengers find your car Not a piece to spread the gay agenda. Your not going to use me to do it”

These comments are common in closed (private) facebook groups, however this one was made in a public group, visible to us, without even being in the group (and to you). Normally drivers are much more careful to only show their true feelings inside the protections that closed groups offer. This driver, apparently, doesn’t care who knows how he feels about the LGBTQ Community.

What is AMP?

Amp is a colorful, connected device that sits on your dashboard, syncs with your phone, and lights up. A lot of LEDs and a little bit of magic go into each one. Amp changes color to match your passenger’s Lyft app: This “beaconing” feature is the secret to smoother pickups. Plus, delighted passengers are more likely to leave good reviews and tips.

Lyft Driver James Vaughn is also refusing to use his while it displays a rainbow. Brian Ward claims to not be ‘homophobic’, but we’re not sure he understands that he is the definition of bring homophobic in his post to Facebook:

Ward, who also drives for Uber & Postmates here in Nashville:

Postmates is celebrating and supporting Gay Pride, too. It’s unclear if he will also revolt against Postmates this weekend:

Happy Pride Weekend, Nashville, and let’s hope all drivers are not as closed minded as these two.

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One Thought to “Nashville Lyft Driver Has Meltdown over Gay Pride; Says Lyft Will Not Use Him to “Spread the Gay Agenda””

  1. Uber Driver

    For once I think you actually reported something necessary, so good job for that. Lyft and Uber both have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, so should these two drivers be reported they’ll be deleted, and people like that need to be. For once you did something right.

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