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Part II of our Party in Prison series, we travel to another TDOC facility, located in Tiptonville. While we realize this is far outside our normal Nashville coverage, we can’t ignore the things we found. Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX) houses over 2300 of the states medium-security inmates, under Warden Mike Parris. Our initial investigation began as a tip of a East Nashville inmate who was posting from within prison, from there we were able to link to not only other inmates at Riverbend Prison in Nashville, but MGCC and NWCX, among many other penal institutions, even in neighboring states, and including correctional officers linked to their social media accounts, too.

Part II Focuses on the WILD things we’ve seen come out of NWCX. Let’s meet Nolan Jackson & Kortavious Carwell. The images and videos below come from just 2 inmates social media accounts – instagram, facebook, live streaming videos, and twitter. We were able to see multiple cellphones in some of the videos, in addition to the one being used to record it. Inmates actively using and hiding drugs (both a substantial amount of weed, using masks to smoke it, and even a bag of pills- all within the facility). Inmates communicate with each other on social media and even make videos for the world.

Have you ever wondered what prisoners do at 9AM on a Saturday morning? Let’s roll the video, taken on March 18th of 2017, just a few weeks ago – which was broadcast live on Facebook.

Here are Nolan Jackson & Kortavious Carwell:

In addition to the Saturday morning video parties, there’s some crazy photos we discovered from within NWCX, too, including shanks/blades, drugs, & more:

Nolan Jackson displaying a shank/blade within the NWCX Prison, part of the TDOC
Jackson displaying drugs inside a baggie inside the NWCX prison
Commissary items owned by Nolan Jackson, NWCC / TDOC
Commissary items owned by Nolan Jackson, NWCC / TDOC
Commissary tickets from weekly store items inside the NWCC / TDOC
Per an inmates social media account, this weed was brought to them within the prison. Video & Photos below show inmates smoking marijuana.

More videos from NWCX – There were broadcast live on Facebook a few weeks ago, one of which shows weed being smoked within the prison – at 1AM on a Sunday Morning:



Here’s more of the photos received from within the prison, truly a part environment, over the period of a few months – click the image for a larger size:

Charges for Jackson:


If you have tips on inmates using social media, email us! or use our anonymous contact form.

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