Uber Nashville Driver Posts Photo of Drunken, Passed Out Passenger, Abandons Him in Grass.

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What do you do if you’re an Uber driver in Nashville, and your passenger is so drunk that after a twenty minute ride he has no idea where he’s going? Well, ideally you’d take him to the address he put as his destination in the pax app, assuming he was coherent enough to request an Uber, that much should, at least, be correct.

What did new Uber Nashville driver Chris Jamison do? Every story has two sides, and according to his post on social media this morning, where he posted photo, he was driving during a 2.7 Surge (2.7 times the normal fare amount due to high demand), he picked up a passenger in the Gulch, who was going to Mt. Juliet. Jamison claims that after 20 minutes of trying to find out what hotel he was staying at, the passenger ‘jumped’ out of his car and passed out in the grass.

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It is unclear what happened next, or how the passenger ‘jumped’ from his car, or if this was the destination he put in – or why he was just left there, passed out. Did he need medical attention? Could he have alcohol poisoning? Was he diabetic? Was any help called for him, or anyone notified that he was essentially ‘dumped’ on their property? Questions remain about how the ride ended and if this was the proper way to handle the situation. We’ve reached out to Uber & will update the story as more information becomes available.

If you’re going to get pass out drunk, it’s probably best to make sure your Uber driver has your destination location before you pass out.

Stay classy, Nashville.

UPDATE 11AM: Passenger is still missing from home. His wife contacted the Uber driver, Chris Jamison, to say that he never made it to work today. If anyone sees a random person passed out in the grass, please help him.

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One Thought to “Uber Nashville Driver Posts Photo of Drunken, Passed Out Passenger, Abandons Him in Grass.”

  1. Uber Driver

    Ok my first reply is, whoever this blogger is needs to go back to school and take a few English lessons. The writing here is horrific, missing several punctuations, even words are missing, and had this been real news it would’ve been impossible to follow. Seriously, Got Grammar? Dumb ass!

    My second reply, as an Uber driver I can tell you half the time drunk people do not put in an address, just a city. Once we get to the city, we are stuck trying to take drunk directions to get to a location, where not only do we not know where we’re going but neither does the rider. This happened to me one time as a driver when someone was passed out in my back seat and I called emergency service. Emergency services said if he’s awake or responsive, then it wasn’t their concern. Clearly, this guy was both. So what good was calling emergency services going to do?

    Last, but not least, Uber drivers are not responsible for a rider beyond getting them to a chosen destination, and getting them out of the car. In spite of this, several Uber drivers have way more compassion for people than they’re supposed to. I’ve given and know other drivers that have given several free rides to people to get them out of bad situations. Would you see a taxi driver do that? This driver was not responsible for this guy. We are paid to drive from point A to point B. We are not paid to babysit people who get three sheets to the wind or more drunk and take care of them until morning.

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