Arrested: Clayton Thomas

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07/08/2017: Sources confirm that at 12:25AM Saturday Morning, Clayton Thomas was booked into the custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. Thomas will be held at the Hill Detention Center until further notice.

Thomas is charged with ‘PROBATION VIOLATION (MIS)’ and is currently being held without bond until his court date this coming Tuesday, 07/11/17, when he will appear before Higgins/Holt at 9AM.

EXCLUSIVE: We have received a copy of what some are calling his ‘manifesto’ published online.

Last year on July 13th, we got a tip from a first responder on the scene of an accident. They told an unbelievable story of how the accident was being explained. Several days later, from the hospital, we would get a much more detailed story that was fit to be a scene from a Bollywood film. In fact, we didn’t believe it until we were able to view the police report for ourselves, which we did – and reprinted the police report:

“Rewind, Rewind”: The Story of Clayton Thomas; Time Travel, Eating Pine Cones, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, & More

Since the publishing of that police report – which was all facts (unless the MNPD is conspiring against him, too) including Clayton’s recollection of the wreck, and denying the fact he was driving with methamphetamine, marijuana, & other drugs in his system, despite a positive blood test for those metabolites. Clayton has routinely contacted East Nashville News over the previous 12 months – including a recorded phone call with a writer, and multiple messages both via social media public and privately. It was nothing that was too alarming, until this week when he started making both direct and indirect threats to East Nashville News, as well as people he assumed to be involved with our organization, many of which have no connection to this outlet. It is this writer’s opinion that there is some break with reality going on in the mind of Clayton. As recently as 6PM Friday, he wrote that Keisha and Lady Gaga were on board with his ‘journey’ and he was using them to get to Milley Cyrus, then Madonna. He finished the conversation with “it’s my crazy truth. This is my story. This is God.”

Earlier in the day, he wrote “Remember this day my friends, July 7th 2017. Numerology and Astrology is real, or i think it is lol It’s up to you to decide, but I’m a little psychic! haha”. In fact, over the past week, we have cataloged over 250 posts by Clayton on his social media – they present a picture of someone in a manic state; someone that is not in touch with reality most of the time; someone that has little control over the idea that form in his brain, and he believes they are real, even when easily dis-proven. Once he locks onto an idea or concept, it appears to burn a ‘brand’ into his memory, and he just can’t let the thought go. It’s our opinion that is what has happened this week with the threats – which as of yesterday escalated to death threats to two individuals, unrelated to East Nashville News, though out outlet was named multiple times.

It is our understanding that multiple police reports have been filed by individuals named in his social media rant, which he later deleted, and claimed hackers were typing on his screen and using the word ‘allegedly’ to make things appear not from him – both tactics we have documented him doing dozens of time from the very same account. Over this past week we have archived hundreds of posts that Clayton Thomas made public on his account, only for him to delete them in the hours to follow. Many more were sent to us by concerned friends as anonymous tips. We encouraged many of his friends to help him seek help, however we understand he has refused all attempts.

This story is developing, and we will update as more information is available.


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