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East Nashvillian Mike McCary, of W Kirkland Ave, was taken into custody at 8:05 PM Thursday evening, on an outstanding Violation of Probation warrant, in regards to his 2016 DUI (2nd Offense) Case. McCary is also on Probation for a 2016 DUI (3rd Offense) case.

[UPDATE: McCary posted bond via Wheeler Bonding just after 2AM on 07/21, and has a court appearance date of 07/28]

McCary is well known in East Nashville, primarily for his antics when under the influence. He has a long history with the MNPD, going back to 2011 when he was charged with his first DUI. Here’s the timeline of his charges:

2011/Jan: McCary gets charged with 1st DUI, reduced to reckless driving, serves 4 days in jail, with 6 months probation
2013/July: McCary get another DUI, legally his first, and is convicted of DUI (1st Offense), serves 48 hours in jail, with 11/29 probation, starting December 2013.
2013/November: McCary is arrested for Domestic Assault w/John Kirkwood, charges are dismissed in December.
2015/July: McCary is arrested for driving on a revoked license, charges are dismissed.
2016/March: McCary is charged with driving on a suspended license & DUI (2nd Offense). Lesser charge is dismissed as part of a plea, and he pleads guilty to DUI (2nd Offense) in August, getting 45 days in jail (split 25 jail / 20 treatment), and he had already accumulated 35 days jail credit at sentencing. This is the charge that is now re-opened in JIS.
2016/October: McCary is charged with Revoked Lic (2nd offense) and DUI (3rd Offense), lesser charge is dismissed, pleads guilty to the DUI (3RD), probation is re-instated, along with 120 days in jail (65 days in jail, 55 days inpatient treatment) – he had accumulated 63 days jail credit at time of sentencing.


Michael McCary was being held on a $2,000 bond on warrant GS764095P2 for PROBATION VIOLATION (MIS). McCary posted bond via Wheeler Bonding just after 2AM 07/21, and has a court appearance date of 07/28.



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