Solved: The Clayton Thomas Hacking Mystery

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1 year ago this week, we reported on a police report from the MNPD, concerning a wreck involving Clayton Thomas. One year later, over the past week, Mr. Thomas has decided to make claims he was being ‘hacked’ by various people (the ‘who’ changed daily), including East Nashville News. Tonight, we found the answer to what was REALLY going on:

Clayton thought he was being ‘hacked’ because his Facebook ‘looked’ different.

HE WAS USING THE MOBILE PAGE IN HIS BROWSER ( He wasn’t being hacked, he simply was using the mobile URL. Here’s a video where he attempted to document the ‘hack’ however he is really just showing us that he is not understanding the difference between and


Clayton has continued to rant and rave online about being ‘hacked’ when he’s simply using the mobile version of Facebook in in browser. The causes us to also doubt his current state of mental health, as well as all of the other previous statements he’s been making online, many of which he leaves up for a few hours, then removes. Here’s a look back at his statements of the last few days – some of his friends have encouraged him to seek out mental health help. All posts made by him were publicly viewable posts on facebook…

Hopefully viewing all these in totality will convince him, or someone else, to get the help he needs.






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  1. Ronnie

    How is this news? Really? There is a lot more going on in the world today besides this…it does seem a bit personal from the outside looking in…

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