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Last year we reported on Nashville’s WWTN/Cumulus Media News Anchor Pamela Furr & her spreading of fake news stories on her verified social media accounts, as well as that time she publicly called a bunch of southern gospel singers “fat asses” . In the weeks, and even months, since – we received several messages to our social media accounts from Pamela Furr and the WWTN corporate accounts, that were less than respectable. We didn’t think much of it, until this week when we received a tip that Pamela Furr (also listed as part of Phil Valentine’s “Vast Staff” on his website) had been previously charged with, and plead a conditional guilty to (11/29 of probation and a no contact order), harassment (TCA 39-17-308) in 2103, for making unwanted phone calls and texts to a man in Spring Hill, TN. We have redacted the victim’s information, along with other identifying information below:

We also discovered that Furr was sued by Franklin Radio Station WAKM for thousands of dollars – Find out why on Friday in another special report. Pamela Furr has not yet responded to a request for comment on this story.

Below are the PDFs (redacted) for easier viewing on some devices:


[Updated on 07/27 to include booking photo, courtesy WCSO. ]




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