ARREST: Candace Cole – Don’t Shoplift With Friends That Will Turn You In!

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On Monday. 08/28, Candace Donyal Cole was arrested for theft of merchandise from her Sunday evening shopping trip at Citi Trends, which she shops at regularly. According to store surveillance, and witness statements, Candace Cole was shopping at Citi Trends around 6:30PM when she was escorted to a dressing room with two pair of pants, 2 cat body suits, and a shirt. According to the store manager she had a large bag with her when she entered the dressing room, and she exited with only the bag, and left no clothing in the dressing room. She joined a group of other females she was with and briskly exited the store. One of the females noticed that store manager was watching them closely, re-entered the store quickly, and told the store manger that the suspect’s name was ‘Candace Cole’. Apparently in Nashville, friends don’t let friends shoplift. The value of the cat body suits, pants, and shirt was $120.


Here is the MNPD Affidavit:

The manager of the store, Ms. Tyson, advised that a female black who is a regular customer entered the store at approximately 1830 hours and asked to try on clothes. Ms. Tyson advised that she escorted her to the dressing room with two pairs of pants, two cat body suits, and a shirt. She advised that the defendant had a very large bag with her. She advised that she observed the defendant then exit the dressing room with only the large bag she had brought in and the clothes were not in the dressing room. Ms. Tyson advised that the defendant then joined a group of several other females and walked briskly out the store as Ms. Tyson looked on. She advised that one of the females observed this and re entered the store and told Ms. Tyson that the defendant’s name was Candace Cole. Ms. Tyson then observed the defendant get into a gray Nissan Altima Tennessee tag #####. This plate comes back to Candace Cole and comes back to the vehicle. The defendant is also on store surveillance exiting the store at 1849 hours. The total amount of the stolen merchandise is approximately $120.00.

Cole has a long list of previous charges, below:

Arrest Status Arrested Charge  $ Owed Disposition
8/28/2017 OPEN  Theft $1,000 or less
3/9/2015 CLOSED  No Driver’s License Dismissed 
2/21/2014 CLOSED  Suspended License, 2nd Off Dismissed 
2/21/2014 CLOSED  Poss. of Revoked Lic. Dismissed Request of State 
3/8/2010 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended Dismissed 
4/28/2009 CLOSED  Poss.Gambling Device Retired 
4/28/2009 CLOSED  Suspended License, 2nd Off  $  327.60 Guilty – Lesser Charge 
4/28/2009 CLOSED  Alter Title, Reg.  $  177.68 Guilty 
6/28/2008 CLOSED  Suspended License, 2nd Off  $  191.63 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
6/13/2008 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $  122.33 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
2/26/2008 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $  129.68 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
1/11/2008 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $  129.68 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
7/25/2007 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $  122.33 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
6/28/2007 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $  381.00 Guilty 
6/28/2007 CLOSED  Alter Title, Reg.  $  368.00 Guilty 
4/11/2007 CLOSED  Driv. Lic. Suspended  $    93.98 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
10/4/2006 CLOSED  No Driver’s License  $  106.58 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
7/20/2005 CLOSED  Crim. Tresp..  $  144.05 Guilty 
11/8/2004 CLOSED  No Driver’s License  $    85.58 Dismissed-Costs to Defendant 
3/9/2004 CLOSED  Poss.w/int.o/.5 grams-Sch.II Dismissed 
3/9/2004 CLOSED  Poss.or Casual Exch. Dismissed 
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