ARREST: Eric ‘E’ Dobbins: Caught With Shorts Down & A $5 Prostitute (Kesha Williams)

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On Wednesday Afternoon (08/16), Officers arrested Eric Dobbins, who has a long list of prior charges, including murder, multiple drug offenses, tampering with evidence, evading arrest, and felony assaults w/deadly weapons. This was a new charge for Dobbins, one he earned by thinking with the wrong head – Patronizing Prostitution. Literally, a $5 Hooker. Dobbins is being held on 8 total charges from this incident, with a $49,500 total bond. He has a court date on 08/22.

From MNPD reports, a terry stop was initiated on a vehicle known for drugs and prostitution. Upon contact, Dobbins crawled over the female to exit her side of the vehicle,  with his shorts still down to his knees, exposing his assuredly erect penis to officers. He  fled on foot entering the Interstate from an embankment. While on the interstate, Dobbins attempted to enter vehicles by trying their door handles. He did this on multiple vehicles and caused a good size traffic blockage. Once apprehended he admitted he was paying $5 to have sex with the female, Kesha Williams.



On 08162017 the suspect was observed with his shorts down to his knees inside a running vehicle with a known female prostitute. The suspect fleed the vehicle while his shorts were still down to his knees. Once apprehended the suspect stated he was attempting to have sex with the female for $5-dollars.

On 08162017 officer iniated a terry stop on a vehicle pulled off into a known area for drugs and prostitution. Upon contact the driver of the vehicle exitted the vehicle with his shorts down at his knees with officer observing his private parts. The driver fleed the scene but was apprehended a short distance away. The driver stated to police he was going to pay the female suspect for sex. When the male suspect crawled over the female to exit her side of the vehicle it appeared she was trying to pull her pants up while she was seated. The female left the scene while the Officer persued the driver but she was stopped a short distance away from the scene. The suspect has a history of prostitution arrest.

On 08162017 the suspect fleed from Police on foot entering the Interstate. While on the Interstete the suspect ran into the roadway causing traffic to stop while he attempted to enter vehicles by trying their door handles. He did this on multiple vehicles and caused a good size traffic blockage.

On 08162017 the suspect was observed in the drivers seat of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition and the vehicle running. The suspect ran from the vehicle when he observed the Police.


Previous Reports:

On today’s date, the defendant picked the victim up, along with the victim’s sister, whom the defendant had a past domestic relationship. The defendant and both victims were driving on Dover Glenn Dr, and Edge o Lake Dr, when the defendant suddenly became irate, reached into the glove box of the vehicle and retrieved a revolver. The defendant then told the victim and his sister to get out of the vehicle, and the defendant exited as well and began shooting at the ground around the victim and his sister. A ricocheting fragment struck the victim’s sister on the right leg, causing a wound on her leg. The defendant then got back into the vehicle, and fled the scene, leaving both victims at the intersection.


On 1-14-05 the victim (Terick R. Hunt ) was sitting in a vehicle with Jennifer Tribue on Burlingame Court. Jennifer had taken Terick Hunt to this location after he received a call on his phone from someone who stated that his car was broke down. When Jennifer and Terick drove onto Burlingame Court Jennifer states that there was a silver SUV parked on the side of the road with its hood up. Jennifer drove to the dead end of the street and turned around and pulled up next to the SUV. At this point Jennifer states that Terick made a statement indicating he knew them. Jennifer states that she looked at the driver of the SUV and knew him by the nick name of “E”. Jennifer Tribue then states that a male got out of the passenger side of the SUV and came up to the passenger side of her vehicle where Terick Hunt was sitting and fired multiple rounds at Terick Hunt. Terick Hunt was taken to Summit Medical Center where he was pronounced dead due to multiple gunshot wounds. A possible suspect was developed and a photo line up was put together of Eric Dobbins. Jennifer Tribue was shown this line up and positively identified Eric Dobbins as the person who was driving the SUV at the time of the shooting. The suspects then fled the scene immediately after the shooting.


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