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UPDATE: All charges were dismissed in this case.

Michael R Miedaner, who just moved to Nashville in June, was arrested late Monday night on multiple charges. He currently remains in custody with a $28,000 bond, and is scheduled for court on Monday 08/07/17.

The charges:

  • Drug-Free Sch.Zone (FELONY) – $25,000 BOND

According to his social media, Miedaner was just accepted to graduate school at MTSU 2 days prior. In what was possibly a celebration, at 10:53 Monday night, MNPD officers were dispatched to a call of an individual stumbling around a property property on Glenpark Drive, specifically along the fence that separates the property from Glengarry Elementary School. Per an officer’s account, Miedaner was stumbling around and seemed about to fall over:

“I asked the suspect if he was okay and where he was headed. He could barely talk and continued to slur his speech. He was not able to finish his sentences as he would trail off before losing his train of thought. I then took the suspect into custody for his own protection as he was under the influence of some intoxicant. Upon search incident to arrest, I found a white container in the left-inside pocket of the blazer that was on the suspect’s person. The container contained a white powdery substance that was then tested for cocaine. The substance inside the container field-tested positive for cocaine with two separate tests. The substance found came to a total of 8.2 grams of cocaine.”

Michael Miedaner posted in 2015 – stating “A temporary pleasure isn’t worth a permanent consequence” – some advice that 2017 Miedaner could have used this week.

In an even more ironic twist, 2 days before, Miedaner posted on social media “I sometimes make good decisions” and posted his acceptance letter into the MBA program at MTSU.




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