East Nashville Blow Up Doll Currently on Roof after Councilman Brett Withers Publicly Shamed Her

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BREAKING: Early Sunday morning, the now famous blow up doll shamed by councilman Brett Withers publicly on social media was found to be on the rooftop of her building in East Nashville at 8th/Main. It was not immediately known if she as contemplating jumping, or was using the strings of lights to come to a more certain fate for for her now deflated ego.

She was seen on Friday at street level, which prompted a scathing public shaming from councilman Brett Withers. This was the same day that it was discovered some mis-represented documents on behalf of Brett Withers, in regards to codes applications.

Things escalated quickly on Saturday when memes began circulating of blow up dolls and Councilman Brett Withers, some even being photoshopped into his own windows. This is the East Nashville we love:

It is not currently known if Councilman Withers has been notified of the potential situation on the rooftop of the ‘Brotel’ as he has named the structure.

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