Man Posts “I’m going 2 jail rn” and Knows OCA & PO Box to Write Him From Memory, posts to Facebook as He’s Being Arrested

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If you know your OCA number by heart, you might have spent too many nights in jail. the OCA number in Nashville is an inmate identification number, used for everything, including phone, commisary, & mail delivery. For Matthew Belcher, who is now facing up to 4 years behind bars for a probation violation, it was the last thing he posted on social media before he was put in cuffs late Monday evening.

Here’s Belcher’s post on social media, inviting people to write him, and to let them know he was being arrested. Except he put his home ZIP code instead of the jail’s proper ZIP code.

So, if you would like to write Matt (and we encourage you do!) please use the PROPER address:

Matthew Belcher 361383
Nashville / Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 196383
Nashville, TN 37219-6383

During his previous probation violation, the judge noted that:

  • PV Conceded–Def shall serve until 04-13-16, to be released to Judge Moreland’s Drug Court, Reinstated to 2 years probation and comply & complete Judge Moreland’s drug court program”
  • PV Sustained-Defendant reinstated to probation for a period of 3 yrs beginning today, on intensive supervision.Any failure to comply will result in revocation of probation.Drug treatment plan.”

This appears to be the 3rd violation of probation for Belcher, and the original sentence was 4 years, he has a court date of 09/28/17.

So you, probably wondering what charge he’s facing having his probation revoked on?  in 2011, police were patrolling the area and noticed the defendant sitting outside phillips 66 at 201 glenrose, drinking a steel reserve alcoholic beverage and smoking a newport cigarette. The front window to the convenience store was busted out and the defendant stated he broke the window with a rock and took the newports and steel reserve and wanted to be arrested to violate his parole. Defendant stated he just exited the store as police pulled up to the location.

Here’s some of the previous charges:


Subject was observed driving behind a closed business around 0400 hrs, at the corner of Antioch Pike and Ezell Road. The vehicle was driving slowly with on lights on. The vehicle pulled out onto Antioch Pike and was stopped by officer at Antioch and Harding. Subject was asked for his driver license and stated that he did not have one. Subject had a recent arrest for the same and a capias in the last month.


I responded to the Kroger pharmacy at 3955 Nolensville Pike on a prescription fraud call. Upon arrival I was notified the suspect was at the prescription window. As I made my way to him, he left. A security guard on sight provided me with the vehicle description and tag number. I got behind the vehicle exiting the parking lot and initiated a traffic stop. The passenger/suspect stated upon stopping he knew why I stopped them. Both driver and passenger/suspect were detained for further investigation at the Kroger. The reporting pharmacist, Rashmi George stated the suspect called in to their prescription phone in-line posing as an employee of the victim doctor’s office by the name of Martin. In the call he provided the suspect information for a prescription of Norco (generic form of the schedule 3 drug Hydrocodone) and a DEA number. The DEA number didn’t match that office so this alerted the pharmacist. She then called the doctor’s office to confirm the prescription. The doctor’s office verified this to be a fraudulent prescription. The suspect was then read his Miranda Warnings. He was then asked if he would be willing to answer some questions to which he replied yes. I asked him if he would like to tell me what he did today. He stated that he called the pharmacy pretending to be somebody from the doctor’s office to get him (suspect) a prescription. I asked him where he got the DEA number to which he replied, “I just made it up.” The suspect also made the unsolicited statement prior to Miranda warning in reference to the driver of the vehicle, “She didn’t know what I was doing.”


On January 12, 2010 at approximately 02:48 hours a vehicle was set on fire in the driveway at 59 Jay St. Nashville Davidson Co. The victim was awakened from a banging noise, she looked out the window and saw a man hitting the rear window of her car with a large object. She opened the door from the house and started yelling at the person who dropped a yellow plastic container and was bending over the rear of the vehicle, and then flames appeared on the car.

Metro police and fire department was called. Finger prints were taken from the plastic container. The container was a yellow half gallon plastic milk container with a few ounces of liquid in it. The fire marshal investigator collected the liquid contents from the container that turned out to be gasoline. A finger print lifted from the container was matched to Matthew C. Belcher. The victim states the person seen in the driveway match the physical description of her nephew, Matthew C. Belcher


The Defendant, driving a 1986 Nissan Sentra, pulled into the Circle K service station at 2200 Nolensville pike Nashville-Davidson County TN. with a pair of boxer shorts covering the state license plate. He was stopped, the boxer shorts removed. The vehicle had Tennessee license plate 828WKT on the rear of the vehicle. The registration plate had been reported stolen. A driver license check via MNPD computer showed the Defendants driver license suspended. He was transported to jail on the offenses due to a outstanding warrant for Arson

All available cases for Matthew Belcher


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5 Thoughts to “Man Posts “I’m going 2 jail rn” and Knows OCA & PO Box to Write Him From Memory, posts to Facebook as He’s Being Arrested”

  1. Christian bragmer

    Why would you ever feel the need to try and publicly blast someone’s arrest records like that? You should be ashamed of yourself

    1. Jaclyn M

      Thank you…..thats my brother and I agree!

  2. J w

    You are about the worst kind of scum. Right up there with jail Birds! You have nothing better to do with your life than to take the time to look up people’s mistakes and post them on the internet. You are worse than the criminals you post about. No parent or child or grandparent wants to see some thing like this about a person they love. You are disgusting!!! May God have mercy on your soul

  3. Matt Belcher

    Lol Wow Jason thanks for the notoriety and invasion of privacy. You couldn’t find anything else to report on? Just out of curiosity, is the address on the East Nashville fb page a residential address? Just wondering cuz it sounds like it. You picked a good pic though lol

    1. ENN Staff

      We’ve forwarded this comment, along with your IP ( to the Drug Court Clerk, along with a copy to P19R2: NASHVILLE PROBATION AND PAROLE OFFICE 2. Any further contact will constitute harassment, and could be a violation of the terms and conditions of your release.

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