Mike McCary Sentenced: 11/29 in Jail

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Last month we reported on Mike McCary being arrested on an outstanding violation of probation charge on one of his previous DUI charges. On Tuesday, he appeared in front of Judge Blackburn, who sustained the charge and sentenced him to 11 months and 29 days to be served, fully revoking his probation, and imposing the full prior sentence.

5 Fast Facts

  • Aug 01, 2017
  • Aug 01, 2017
  • 11 Months 29 Days
  • Offender Re-Entry Center
  • A-L3

Our previous reporting below, also at: ARRESTED: Mike McCary: Violation of Probation

East Nashvillian Mike McCary, of W Kirkland Ave, was taken into custody at 8:05 PM Thursday evening, on an outstanding Violation of Probation warrant, in regards to his 2016 DUI (2nd Offense) Case. McCary is also on Probation for a 2016 DUI (3rd Offense) case.

[UPDATE: McCary posted bond via Wheeler Bonding just after 2AM on 07/21, and has a court appearance date of 07/28]

McCary is well known in East Nashville, primarily for his antics when under the influence. He has a long history with the MNPD, going back to 2011 when he was charged with his first DUI. Here’s the timeline of his charges:

2011/Jan: McCary gets charged with 1st DUI, reduced to reckless driving, serves 4 days in jail, with 6 months probation
2013/July: McCary get another DUI, legally his first, and is convicted of DUI (1st Offense), serves 48 hours in jail, with 11/29 probation, starting December 2013.
2013/November: McCary is arrested for Domestic Assault w/John Kirkwood, charges are dismissed in December.
2015/July: McCary is arrested for driving on a revoked license, charges are dismissed.
2016/March: McCary is charged with driving on a suspended license & DUI (2nd Offense). Lesser charge is dismissed as part of a plea, and he pleads guilty to DUI (2nd Offense) in August, getting 45 days in jail (split 25 jail / 20 treatment), and he had already accumulated 35 days jail credit at sentencing. This is the charge that is now re-opened in JIS.
2016/October: McCary is charged with Revoked Lic (2nd offense) and DUI (3rd Offense), lesser charge is dismissed, pleads guilty to the DUI (3RD), probation is re-instated, along with 120 days in jail (65 days in jail, 55 days inpatient treatment) – he had accumulated 63 days jail credit at time of sentencing.

Michael McCary was being held on a $2,000 bond on warrant GS764095P2 for PROBATION VIOLATION (MIS). McCary posted bond via Wheeler Bonding just after 2AM 07/21, and has a court appearance date of 07/28.


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