Nashville Little Caesars Employee Steals $2,591 From Safe: James White-Brown

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James White-Brown was an employee of Little Caesars here in Nashville. On July 31st, he entered his workplace (Little Caesars) using his key. He was permitted to have a key, however he had no reason to be at the store at this time. He scanned his fingerprint into the computer system, entered his code, and removed the cash from the safe. White-Brown never returned to work. He was arrested on Friday afternoon, and released on a $20,000 bond late Friday evening.

White-Brown is  a 29yo black male, his birthday is today (08/12). He is charged with Felony “Theft of Property- $2,500 or > but < $10,000” (39-14-103*17). White-Brown has a court date on 09/07 at 11AM.

Per the police report:

On July 31st 2017, the suspect (James White-Brown) entered 5760 OLD HICKORY BLVD (Little Ceasers) with a key. Suspect is an employee at time, but had no reason to be at store. Suspect scanned his fingerprint into the system and proceeded to the safe under the counter. Suspect entered code and removed $2,591 dollars. Suspect then left location. Suspect did not have permission to remove money and has not returned to work since.

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