ARREST: Laquantez Pirtle Steals $1,600 From His Grandmother

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Laquantez Pirtle, 19, who goes by ‘Quaney’ and ‘King Munzy’ on social media was arrested on Thursday 09/28 for a 2 month old outstanding warrant for theft. In June, Pirtle and his mother were visiting his grandmother, and when the grandmother was preparing to leave, she asked her daughter and grandson (Pirtle) to also leave the house. When his grandmother returned home, she found that approximately $1,600 was missing from a suitcase where she kept her cash hidden. After his grandmother called his mother, she said that Laquantez Pirtle did steal the money. She was able to return some money, and a couple of days later on 06/18, Pirtle admitted to his grandmother he did, in fact, steal her $1,600.


Pirtle has been on a 11/29 probation sentence since April for an evading arrest charge (part of a deferment in which other felony charges were dismissed at the request of the state).

On 6/16/17 the affiant was leaving her residence. She had asked her daughter and her grandson/defendant (Laquantez Pirtle) to leave her residence as well. The affiant returned home and noticed Approximately $1600 was missing from a suitcase that she had the money in. The affiant called her daughter about the money. Daughter stated that Laquantez took the money. Daughter returned some of the money to the affiant. A couple of days later on 6/18/17, the defendant told the affiant that he had taken the money.

Previous Charge that was part of a dismissal/deferment agreement:

Officer Hoskins observed a stolen vehicle on Looby Circle, a Nissan Pathfinder [xxx xxx]. Pirtle began to drive off but was cornered on Looby Circle. Pirtle jumped from the moving vehicle and fled on foot. after a short foot chase Pirtle was apprehended as he tried to jump a fence at xxxx Looby circle. Prior to Pirtle driving off Officer Hoskins observed a female exit the stolen vehicle grasping a purse. A knock and talk was conducted where the female was observed entering, xxxx Looby Circle. The female stated under Miranda that Pirtle gave her a silver revolver to hide inside the house. The handgun was recovered in the female’s bedroom. Pirtle was read his Miranda warning and admitted that he did give the female the handgun to hide.

$2500 Bond was posted on Friday, and he was released, with an upcoming court date on 10/04/17.


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