East Nashville Man on Patio With Gun Captures Gunshot on Video at 7:26AM – Coincidence? Thomas Choate Smith

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East Nashvillian Thomas Choate Smith posted what seemed to be an innocent social media post in a neighborhood watch Facebook group early on Wednesday morning – but what he accidently captured on his short video has caused concern. We weren’t the only ones that noticed as many others in the neighborhood watch group pointed out that Smith had his own gun when he heard the shot, questioning what really happened  causing the video to be filmed, but Smith has not responded to us or the group.

At 7:26AM, Thomas Choate Smith was in his backyard capturing what appears to be a Sharp-shinned Hawk atop his fence. Toward the end of the short (about a minute) video, you ear a gunshot clearly on the video, and as he scrambles toward his patio area, what we see on the video is a rifle-style gun. In his backyard. at 7:26 AM. Skip to the last 10 seconds to hear just the gunshot.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnWKOFzdS60[/embedyt]

Why did Thomas Choate Smith have a rifle with him at 7:26AM if he was simply birdwatching? He lives in the heart of East Nashville with hundreds of neighbors and vehicles at this time of the day.

If the rifle is always there, that is simply irresponsible gun ownership, especially considering his facebook is filled with photos of small grandchildren – a dangerous combination.

If he took the rifle outside with him at 7:26 AM, that just creates even more questions. Why would he just happen to be filming a video of a bird, when a gun is fired, while he has he own rifle feet from him?

There is simply no logical explanation that makes sense. We have reached out to Thomas Choate Smith, but have not received a response.



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