East Nashville’s Newest Frat House: Living At The Cleo [UPDATE]

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When The Cleo opened a couple of months ago, it billed itself as an exclusive, upscale, amenity filled apartment, with an unpretentious East Nashville vintage feel. What some residents didn’t expect, was the how much of a ‘frat house’ it would quickly become. Here’s what living at The Cleo is REALLY Like.

UPDATE: Fogelman Management Group contacted us on Sunday to say these comments were untrue & slanderous, and demanded we remove this content or they would take legal action.

OUR RESPONSE: We welcome any action. Also, as we type this update, there are two additional piles of dog poop in the hallways of the Cleo. Don’t believe us, don’t worry, here’s a photo, along with corroboration from other residents, taken less than an hour ago. Remember, kids, the ultimate defense to slander or libel is truth. Oh, and we just dropped some targeted ad buys for this article too, for good measure, because opinions can’t be silenced.

We also received a communication from another CLEO resident, Jordan Frank-Dario Garcia, confirming the existence of the ‘frat house’ atmosphere, and asking to to not be mad because we aren’t a part of the ‘frat’:

Photo: Public via Facebook / Messages via Messenger

Original Article:

Dogs & Poop

OH, Cleo. Where shall we start. How about with dirty dog things. We first noticed this dirty dog bed and very used puppy pads on 09/12. As of yesterday (09/22) at 6PM they were still in the garage. We also found this nasty mess posted on the resident social media group, where nearly 200 people saw it, and 7 commented on it, 1 even parked in front of it – and yet after 10 days it’s still there. There’s consistently dog poop in the south stairwell (maybe it was raining?). The 4th floor hallway by the back elevator seems to be an nice quiet spot for indoor dog pooping, as well. The garage back entrance is often like a mine field, trying to dodge the dookie that residents are not policing. Please police your pup’s poop.


It’s far from perfect. People trying door handles, no cameras on residential floors, we won’t even mention the early morning fire alarms and evacuations. Doors are deactivated, propped open, left unsecured for construction. It’s a wonder we’re all still here and without major incident so far.


Residents are almost exclusively millennials. With that comes the need for caffeine – but apparently growing up as a millennial meant never making your own coffee, or never owning a coffee machine, and always having someone else brew your cup. Sure, a perk of living at the Cleo is free coffee.. but in reality the delivery of this promise is the execution failed. Perhaps we should just get a Keurig as a move in gift, instead? Welcome to the Coffee files, Winter is definitely coming!

Puke & Maggots

What goes down…. must come up? We haven’t even gotten to most of the ‘frat house’ activites yet, so here’s a good place to start. If you puke in the building, or on the roof, on on the outdoor courts, or the sun deck, or anywhere, PLEASE clean it up. That’s so 2003. We’re all adults, so can we be responsible ones?

Frat House

Holes busted in walls, beer pong parties, glass busted out of fire panels and left for humans and pets to step.


It speaks for itself. The notes haven’t stopped since day one.


I no longer even expect to get my packages, or at least within a week of when they were delivered. Ship to work if possible, otherwise…. well, good luck.

Welcome to what we affectionately call ‘the frat house’ aka, The Cleo East Nashville!

Meet The Millennials:


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3 Thoughts to “East Nashville’s Newest Frat House: Living At The Cleo [UPDATE]”

  1. Tanya

    Please note: whoever took the time to waste their lives on creating this is just that, someone who has too much time. I love the cleo. I have met SO MANY people. I have created SO many friends. Find an apartment that is perfect and I’ll give you credit. Until then….you a winey, ungrateful, little baby back…I CANT STAND WHINEY PEOPLE.

    1. Tanya

      PS: Curious. How is getting up at 7am on a Saturday to volunteer and paint an alternative school a “millennial” thing? Me and the 30 friends I’ve met solely because of the cleo want to know. I’m in the picture you posted, so just wondering where you were?

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