Emanuel Samson’s Last Tweets – Burnette Chapel Church Shooter in Antioch

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His twitter account was removed prior to his name being released by request of investigators, however we have the last few archived tweets of Emanuel K Samson, shooter at the church in Antioch, TN Today. Also we have photos of him in a bullet proof vest where friends previously asked  him “who you about to go kill” (though not recently)
[Update: church members confirm he attended the church a ‘few times’ a ‘couple years ago’ – around the same time the photo was taken]

The now deleted recent tweets:

“Some people, not all..but some people do NOT deserve the opportunity to where a badge within the police force”
-1 day ago

“Ready for this day to end. I never think this way about my days. but these past two days have just been too much.”
-1 day ago

“You are worthy, Lorena. Worth Everything. 
-1 day ago

There were his last facebook posts before the shooting, at 10:26AM & 10:22AM. The shooting was reported at 11:15AM

He was at one point a psychiatric technician at RHMI / MTMHI


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