Former MNPD Officer Arrested for Stealing Alcohol From Behind Bar at FGL House | Public Intox – CHARGES DISMISSED

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Former MNPD Officer Travis J Kneale, 29, was arrested early Saturday morning after officers say he stole a bottle of alcohol from behind the bar of FGL House on 3rd Ave South and drank it. Bar security called police after they tried to detain him and he pushed one of them in an attempt to get away.

According to MNPD reports, Kneale (instagram) was intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself, with bloodshot watery eyes, and slurred speech. He was unsteady when trying to walk, and swayed when standing. He was booked into the custody of DCSO at 02:38 Saturday morning, though charges were dismissed and he was released after he slept if off, at 10:20 AM.

It appears that Kneale was employed by the Onin Group, who just received a garnishment for his wages on Friday, 09/15, in reference to his GE Capital/Amazon Credit account for $2207.09 for which a judgment is owed and they’ve been trying to track him down since 2014 according to clerk records in Davidson County.

Kneale was decommissioned from the MNPD in 2014 when he was charged with DUI, violation of the implied consent law for refusing to submit to a breath alcohol test, and unlawful gun possession while under the influence of alcohol. During that incident, a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper saw Kneale driving east in his personal vehicle on Broadway near 6th Avenue South without his headlights on.  During the ensuing vehicle stop, the trooper noticed that Kneale smelled of alcohol and that his eyes were bloodshot and watery.  Kneale was extremely unsteady on his feet and failed field sobriety tests.  A handgun was located in the console of his vehicle.


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